Our mission is to move people and organizations the
next level of greatness.


We create, develop and deliver custom-built digital solutions that people love.

Our reputation is backed by our quality approach and the real and measurable results we achieve for our clients – always.

Values we live by


We pursue growth, always educating ourselves and others.


We work with intense enthusiasm every day.


We have respect for each other, our customers and the work we are doing

customer focus

We exceed our customers expectations with a commitment to their success.


We have fun, we smile and we treat each other like a family, building open and honest relationships with communication.

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Design-driven Innovation Company

XAM Consulting is a design-driven innovation company spanning the entire lifecycle of digital product development. We work in partnership with our clients, helping them to innovate in their industry using beautiful design and cutting edge technology

Focusing on strategy, experience design, software development and systems integration, our work is centered on our key values – Transparency, Ownership, Problem-solving, Energy and Curiosity.

Our consistent delivery comes from a deep,
process driven approach:

XAM's Story



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A shared co-work space located in Sydney’s southern business hub brought together two like-minded technology experts, Drew Alexander and Michael Riland.

With the same principles and vision for the future, they teamed up to put Xam Consulting on a new trajectory.

In the lead up to their successful partnership, Michael was nurturing his growing microbusiness Xam Consulting, servicing companies seeking external Xamarin expertise and providing them with technically excellent software solutions. While successfully responding to the niche market for Xamarin software, Michael was also inspired by other industry thought leaders that had begun to emerge in the Australian marketplace.

At the same time Drew was committed to fulfilling his dream of moving his family to Sydney and building a successful business there after establishing a flourishing technology company in the United Kingdom that employed a team of 100.

The more they spoke, the more they realised that their approach to business was aligned. By combining their individual expertise and strengths, Michael and Drew knew they could create the same future.

Together they honed XAM Consulting into an agency with a design-led problem-solving approach and it became a key player in the Australian app development marketplace.

From a staff of 5, Xam began doubling each year and now numbers 40 key team members. The company has fulfilled its mission of becoming a technically strong agency that focuses on delivery but also cares about design and business value.

Now employing Australia’s top talent in the app development space, Xam Consulting is proudly Australian owned.

Michael and Drew put the transformation of Xam Consulting down to keeping up with the pace of change and simply delivering a great return on investment for their customers. Xam Consulting builds solutions that really solve a problem, justifying the capital investment and creating cascading success for the customer.

Xam Consulting has successfully completed major projects for organisations across the construction, telco, retail and finance sectors and beyond, empowering all clients with agile digital solutions.

With rapid growth in the software product and utilities sector, and a focus on harnessing the strategic role of data, for Xam the future is just beginning.

Our Engagement Models

Developers in a Xamarin Workshop

End to End

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Co Deliver

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Empowering Communities

Our team supports a socially equitable world and we take active steps to empower others to achieve,
grow, evolve and succeed.


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