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Newcastle Permanent Building Society (NPBS) is the largest and financially strongest customer-owned banking institution based in New South Wales.
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The Brief

Australia’s banking customers rely on access to financial services through seamless digital channels so NPBS required a mobile app design for new and existing customers that would strengthen services and become the new NPBS ‘front door’.

NPBS needed a team of Xamarin experts to custom-build a reliable digital solution that appealed to a growing and diverse marketplace.

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Our Solution

XAM was chosen to lead the project, supporting the design, development, testing and implementation of the new app with documented strategies and project management of the multiple stakeholders.

The project drew on XAM Consulting’s expert technical skills, knowledge and experience that included the implementation of security hardening techniques.

XAM expertly delivered technical leadership in the design and development of the new banking app, speed and performance testing, internal training, on-site and off-site support and upskilling of NPBS staff to ensure seamless knowledge transfer.

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The Outcome

XAM Consulting’s fulfilment of this project has resulted in the development of an award-winning mobile banking app currently available on iOS.

Strengthening its appeal to existing and future customers, the app has assisted the ability of NPBS to expand its footprint, appeal to younger demographics, reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction.


XAM Consulting’s hard work was rewarded with the app rating going from 2 stars on the app store to 4.7 shortly after release.

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Technology overview

Microsoft platform geared to producing modern and high performing iOS and Android apps with C# and .NET (dotnet).


Open source web framework allowing the creation of web apps using C# and HTML.
Microsoft cloud computing platform for developing and deploying applications through Microsoft managed data centres.
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