Seamless communication from worksite to head office

Downer Group employs more than 52,000 people at more than 300 sites in Australia, New Zealand and across the globe.

Constuction Workers using Cloud Software

The Brief

Seamless communication from worksite to head office.

As one of Australia’s leading construction companies, Downer wanted a digital tool that would revolutionise project management and risk management across the country.

The development of a unique user-centred mobile phone app was essential to transforming worksite operations and communications. The app was required to meet the needs of multiple users including construction workers, site managers, project managers, engineers and head office.




Project Management
UI/UX Design
Product Strategy


Web application
Mobile application
Desktop application

Construction Project Software

Our Solution

XAM Consulting worked with the Downer team, which included engineers, project managers and administrators, to develop the right mobile application to enhance and strengthen operational efficiency.

Meetings with construction workers garnered their input into the best way to capture events. Understanding end-user pain points was key to developing an agile design and a build that encouraged active engagement and use.

The development of the app also integrated the day-to-day needs of site managers, empowering them to lodge permits, classify events, report critical incidents, take photographs and leave comments in real time using their mobile phone or tablet device.

Multi-device software designers

The Outcome

The app has been rolled out to 300 worksites across Australia and now acts as a central hub of information and communication, in turn improving project outcomes, work practices, efficiencies and staff wellbeing.

Technology overview

Xamarin experts


Microsoft platform geared to producing moden and performant iOS and Android apps with C# and .NET (dotnet).

Blazor Experts


Open source web framework allowing the creation of web apps using C# and HTML.

Azure Experts


Microsoft cloud computing platform for developing and deploying applications through Microsoft managed data centres.

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John Smith
Business Manager, Downer
Builders using software
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Seamless communication from worksite to head office