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drtalk is ground-breaking HIPAA compliant communication platform and business tool that has transformed the US dental industry.

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The Brief

Our client required a digital solution that reimagined traditional doctor and dental practice worker communication while modernising collaboration and satisfying HIPPA compliance requirements.

The new platform was needed to replace non-compliant communication methods that were essential such as email and text messages with a view to improving customer satisfaction levels as well as the efficiency and profitability of dental and medical practices.




Project Management
UI/UX Design
Product Strategy


Web application
Mobile application
Desktop application

Our Solution

XAM Consulting designed, developed, tested and implemented a fully automated app utilising dotNet, Azure and Angular technologies.

The completed app integrated patient communication, inter-office communication and referral communication backed by high level security, establishing new standards in patient care communication.

Updates have included secure email, an electronic fax service and kerbside check-in service to maximise healthcare while supporting COVID-19 social distancing measures. Patient check-in, arrival and COVID-19 survey assessment are sent to the patient’s phone and to the in-office real time centralised hub display.

Following the success of the product launch, XAM Consulting has continued to support drtalk as a long-term partner.

Dentist communication software

The Outcome

The stunning windows desktop and mobile application has empowered dentists and doctors to collaborate securely and instantly. In addition to inter-office communications, the app has set new standards in addressing medical delivery essential to healthcare operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

drtalk has revolutionised the US dental industry and is quickly becoming the new standard in practice collaboration.

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Technology overview


Microsoft focused, open source developer platform for building apps across multiple platforms for Windows.

Azure Experts


Microsoft cloud computing platform for developing and deploying applications through Microsoft managed data centres.

Angular Developers


Open Source front end web framework.

“Our vision was to transform US dental practices and client communication using the best technology. XAM Consulting’s expertise and advice have been invaluable.

The team’s understanding of our needs and objectives is reflected in the dynamic drtalk platform XAM designed and developed.

The HIPPA compliant drtalk platform has evolved as digital technology is called on to meet health and safety needs of US citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic and XAM Consulting continues to work in partnership with us every step of the way.”


John Howell

Sales Director, drtalk

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