Xam partners with Sofico on eDoc software to streamline customer service

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Established for more than 30 years, Sofico services the niche market of automotive finance, leasing and mobility.

It empowers leasing companies, fleet management providers and finance houses to manage finance, leasing contracts and more – efficiently.

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The Brief

Sofico engaged XAM as a technical partner to assist with building and developing Sofico’s eDoc Gateway application.

The Sofico team required a technical partner to assist with developing a self-contained solution that would integrate their Miles Platform. The eDoc Gateway application was needed to provide digital document workflows and facilitate PDF document signing using a digital signature service.

The critical challenge to roll out the eDoc Gateway application was that it needed to be implemented one dealership at a time, with minimal changes to Sofico’s existing processes.

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Our Solution

XAM’s team worked with Sofico on integrating with the Miles Platform, using two-factor authentication and integration with SendGrid, the email provider.

The technologies XAM employed included OneSpan for third-party doc signing, Azure App Service and Angular 8.

The eDoc Gateway software was deployed seamlessly in a phased manner to all Sofico’s dealers.

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The Outcome

The new app supported Sofico’s service to their customers by facilitating seamless digital document workflows and digital signing of documents.

Dealerships were able to offer customers surety throughout the leasing and finance process because of the digital solution.

Technology overview


Cloud-based and open architected anti-fraud platform with multi-factor authentication and electronic signature software.

Angular 8

Client-side TypeScript based framework which is used to create dynamic web applications.


Microsoft cloud computing platform for developing and deploying applications through Microsoft managed data centres.

.NET Core

Free, cross-platform, open-source developer platform for building many different types of applications.
Custom Software Design for fleet management

“Our vision was to transform US dental practices and client communication using the best technology. XAM Consulting’s expertise and advice have been invaluable.

The team’s understanding of our needs and objectives is reflected in the dynamic drtalk platform XAM designed and developed.

The HIPPA compliant drtalk platform has evolved as digital technology is called on to meet health and safety needs of US citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic and XAM Consulting continues to work in partnership with us every step of the way.”


John Howell

Sales Director, drtalk

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