Web Reinvented: AI App Discovery, Design and Build

The web builder industry has seen little innovation for over ten years. However, the recent advancements in AI technology have opened new possibilities and it was time to rethink how websites could be created.

Our project’s goal was to harness the full potential of AI, aiming to develop the world’s most user-friendly and rapid website builder.

Project Type: Digital Solution, AI

Industry: Technology, Advertising

Engagement Structure: End-to-end Delivery


We spearheaded the project leading the design, development testing and successful implementation of the ground breaking AI app. We followed the XAM AI process in order to build the right product which leverages the maximum potential of AI and ensure it’s a product users will love.

Here’s how we did it:

Step 1. Understanding AI and how it could be used to meet our objectives

Step 2. Deep Discovery process ensuring our solution was innovative and viable. This involved rigorous design, user and technical feasibility.

Step 3. MVP Design and Build. We leveraged our full suite of capabilities to design and build a MVP, including design, analysis, software engineering, prompt engineering, cloud consulting, data engineering and quality assurance

AI Apps Developers and Consultants


Our efforts yielded a world-class platform with unique functionality.

Houdini AI is the world’s first web creation platform built from the ground up for AI. Users can create beautiful websites fast with Houdini AI. Houdini AI leverages best practices for AI Apps including co-pilot methodology and UX/UI best practices for AI.

The Houdini AI product was researched, designed and built from the ground up by the XAM team of consultants, which included AI Experts, Business Consultants, UX/UI Designers, AI Engineers, Software Engineers, Project Managers and Quality Assurance consultants. Here are some of the highlights of our build:

  • AI-First SAAS Product
  • Leading UX/UI Design
  • High quality delivery standards
  • AI UX/UI Designs
  • AI Engineering / Langchain / Open AI
  • Full Stack AI Development


  • AI Strategy and Consulting

    Artificial intelligence solutions that are human centred and deliver business value. We provide the full suite of capabilities required to adopt AI, including design, analysis, software engineering, prompt engineering, cloud consulting, data engineering and quality assurance


  • The Importance of the Human Factor in AI Implementation

    The economic impacts for AI are so strong that if you are not doing it then you’re already getting left behind. GAI (Generative AI) could contribute as much as $115 billion a year to Australia’s economy by 2030 according to the Australian Generative AI Opportunity report done by the Tech Council of Australia. This economic uplift is not just through direct savings but also via the creation of new revenue streams and business models.