Hub Australia: AI Discovery and Strategic Roadmap

“3-year AI roadmap delivered in just 3 weeks… with all the success metrics needed to get a pilot moving within a month.”

  • Project Type: AI Horizon Discovery
  • Engagement Model: Consulting
  • Industry: Real Estate, Hospitality

Founded in 2011, Hub Australia has built a reputation for hospitality-focused flexible workspaces. Hub Australia, recognising the potential of AI to enhance tenant experience and streamline operations, and needed a strategic AI roadmap.

Hub Australia engaged XAM for a 3-week AI Horizon Discovery across their whole of business to:

  • Upskill representatives from key departments as to the opportunities and limitations of AI
  • Understand, uncover and explore the problems and inefficiencies across the organisation to flesh out a shortlist of opportunity areas ripe for AI innovation and future exploration
  • Provide recommendations for solutions
  • 12-month actionable AI roadmap
  • Provide ‘future-ready’ AI recommendations & considerations across data collection, structure, permissioning and more


Hub Australia embarked on a 3-week AI Horizon Discovery. The project began with a deep dive into industry best practices and Hub’s business operations, facilitated by cross-functional workshops.

This informed the identification of high-potential AI applications tailored to Hub’s unique needs and competitive landscape. The AI initiatives were meticulously prioritised based on feasibility, complexity, investment, and potential ROI. Data readiness was then assessed, leading to recommendations to streamline processes and establish a future-proof data foundation crucial for AI success.

The Horizon Discovery culminated in a 3-year AI roadmap aligning projects with Hub’s strategic goals. It included a detailed pilot project plan with success metrics, a framework for ethical AI implementation, a future state vision and recommendations for establishing an AI steering committee to guide long-term success.

Our Horizon Discovery approach incorporated business, technology and Subject Matter Expert insights to drive the strategy.


“3-year AI roadmap delivered in just 3 weeks… with all the success metrics needed to get a pilot moving within a month.”

A clear, validated vision of the future, tightly aligned with Hub’s strategic goals. This vision is accompanied by a 3-year roadmap, developed through research and workshop activities, providing a step-by-step plan for execution

  • Validated AI opportunity statement
  • AI opportunities mapped to business value
  • 3-year AI strategic roadmap
  • 12-month AI action plan
  • Detailed research and supporting documentation
  • Identified high impact “quick wins” to improve productivity through AI
  • Aligned priorities across departments including IT, Operations, Marketing, C-Suite

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