Locator’s Path to Redefining Convenience through Innovation

Telstra is a pioneering force in telecommunications partnered with us to develop Telstra Locator which is a revolutionary solution aimed at assisting individuals and businesses in locating valuable items.

Seeking a professional partner to enhance core features such as Bluetooth interface and mapping components Telstra entrusted us with a twelve-month collaboration to bring this innovative technology to life.​​


We embarked on a transformative journey with Telstra, working collaboratively to enhance the Telstra Locator application’s capabilities. Over a span of twelve months our team of experts provided technical support focusing on refining the Bluetooth interface and mapping functionalities. The partnership was characterised by clear communication- technical excellence- and unwavering attention to detail.

Our iterative development process ensured that the Telstra Locator application evolved seamlessly. Rigorous testing and refinement were conducted to align the solution with Telstra’s vision and user expectations. Throughout the process our commitment to on-time delivery and project objectives remained paramount. The agile approach allowed for continuous feedback and adjustments resulting in a user-centric and efficient application.

The collaboration extended beyond technical development- encompassing user experience (UX) design that prioritised intuitive navigation and optimal functionality. User feedback was incorporated iteratively, ensuring that the final product met the high standards set by both Telstra and XAM.

This successful collaboration resulted in the development of an acclaimed application that revolutionized convenience and provided users with unparalleled peace of mind.

The final product is excellent and the process of working with the team was very professional
and energising“



The culmination of the partnership was the creation of Telstra Locator, an award-winning application that revolutionised convenience and peace of mind for customers. Post launch to the Australian marketplace, the subscription-based Telstra Locator garnered acclaim for its functionality and practicality.

With our technical prowess and Telstra’s vision, the application improved the lives of countless Australians delivering on the promise of streamlined item tracking and retrieval.​

  • Enhanced Bluetooth interface and mapping components
  • Twelve-month collaborative partnership with XAM
  • Meticulous technical support and expertise
  • Iterative development process for seamless evolution
  • On-time delivery of project objectives
  • Award-winning and popular application
  • Improved convenience and peace of mind

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