A Visionary Partnership for Modernisation and Compliance.​

Driven by the need to modernise and adhere to HIPAA compliance our client sought an innovative digital solution that could revolutionise communication within the US dental industry. This included replacing non-compliant communication methods like email and text with a secure efficient platform.

The objective was to enhance customer satisfaction, optimise practice efficiency and ensure compliance. The challenge also involved integrating COVID-19 safety measures.


We took charge devising developing testing and implementing an automated app employing a vast array of technologies, choosing the best technologies for the job.

The app seamlessly united patient communication inter-office coordination- and referrals while prioritising high-level security.

The platform’s evolution included secure email, electronic fax and kerbside check-in services to ensure safe healthcare delivery amid COVID-19. Real-time central hub display streamlined patient check-in and COVID-19 assessments.

Following a successful product launch- XAM’s partnership with drtalk extended for ongoing support.


Our dedicated efforts yielded results in the form of a dynamic Windows Desktop and mobile application. This innovation fundamentally empowered secure and swift collaboration among dentists and doctors- transcending conventional communication boundaries. Not merely limiting its impact to inter-office coordination- the app elevated the standards for medical delivery during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Its multifaceted capabilities ranging from HIPAA-compliant communication to real-time patient assessments made it a transformative asset for the dental industry.

Drtalk’s meteoric rise as a game-changing solution reverberated across the dental landscape- cementing its status as the gold standard for practice collaboration. Through this remarkable outcome healthcare providers were empowered to seamlessly adapt to new communication norms while upholding stringent safety measures. Drtalk’s success powered by our technical acumen and strategic partnership heralded a new era of innovation-driven healthcare excellence.

  • HIPAA-compliant communication
  • Secure and instant collaboration
  • Elevated medical delivery standards
  • Enhanced COVID-19 safety measures
  • Practice efficiency optimisation
  • Dynamic Windows desktop and mobile app
  • Industry transforming partnership

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