UniSA’s Leap into Enhanced Student Enquiry Management.

The University of South Australia (UniSA) is a public research institution that has a global reputation and is the largest university in South Australia. UniSA had been using a paper-based system for student enquiries that interfered with their existing systems for registration and reporting. The inefficiencies started to affect international student enrolment and consequently revenue generation.

Looking for a digital solution, they approached XAM to find a way to make the process digital, enhance productivity and connect smoothly to existing systems.

  • Project Type: App Design, Build & Systems Integration
  • Industry: Higher Education
  • Engagement Structure: End-to-end Delivery


Focusing on international enrolments and support for international agents marketing UniSA, we undertook a holistic approach to discovery which oversaw the process from inception to execution. We then executed a thorough UI and technical design blueprint ensuring the solution aligned with UniSA’s unique needs.

Our build phase transformed concepts into reality and included crafting a secure Windows desktop (UWP) solution and an intuitive iOS mobile app. These platforms were carefully tailored to provide a dynamic and secure experience for UniSA’s international agents and staff.

To ensure a seamless login experience and data security- we integrated a custom external library with UniSA’s Microsoft Active Directory (MSAL) authentication system. This integration established a robust security framework crucial for handling sensitive student information. Our expertise in integrating with the Oracle CRM empowered agents and staff by providing streamlined access to relevant data on their Windows Surface Pro devices.

Project management was crucial- enabling smooth collaboration among team members and stakeholders.

Developers working together.


Our work resulted in the successful development of UniSA’s creative student enquiry management system. This paperless solution eliminated the drawbacks of the previous system and also enabled UniSA’s support team for future management. A significant 20% increase in student registrations after implementation showed the solution’s positive impact.

In addition, harnessing Microsoft Platforms we delivered a modern app fortified with Azure, C# and .NET complemented by WPF’s graphical subsystem and .NET Core’s versatile compatibility.

  • Swift- holistic digital transformation
  • Impressive 20% uptick in student registrations
  • Robust and secure Windows UWP and iOS app
  • Seamless Microsoft Active Directory integration
  • Streamlined workflow for agents and staff
  • Empowering training for sustained support
  • Elevating the university experience through technology

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