Everything You Need to Know to Hire React Developers

A great web application can bring immediate success to your business. However, today, you need to think about more than the web alone. Apps need to function on multiple devices to give you agility, flexibility and scalability. React Native can enable you to do just that. The JavaScript framework allows developers to create cross platform applications with native capabilities and impressive user experiences. However, to build applications with React that can take your business to the next level, you need a professional React Native developer on your side. 

What is React and React Native?

React is an open-source JavaScript web framework, developed by Facebook, for front-end web development. It follows the concept of reusable components to enable developers to quickly build user-friendly user interfaces and web applications. The framework is one of the most popular among professional developers thanks to its ease of use, flexibility and scalability.

React Native is a mobile framework that uses the same JavaScript engine to allow developers to build applications for platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. Used by big companies such as Airbnb, Uber, Netflix and, of course, Facebook, React Native is the power behind some impressive front-end UIs. As such a popular framework, React attracts many developers, which gives you choice but also the responsibility of choosing the best developer for your business. 

What Are The Benefits of React?

Before considering how to hire a React developer, you probably want to make sure that React is the right framework for you. While the answer may depend on your business’s unique needs, it’s worth understanding some of the advantages of using React:

  • Simple – a developer that is familiar with the JavaScript programming language can easily learn to use React. Reusable components make the framework convenient and developers can compartmentalise the UI.
  • Fast –  thanks to its reusable components, developers spend less time maintaining the existing codebase and more time working on new features. 
  • Powerful – virtual DOMs speed up rendering and boost performance and productivity. DOMs deliver faster load times and more efficient use of memory. 
  • Logical – React is full of useful developer tools, including debugging and design tools that can be used for testing and developing applications. 
  • Well-supported – as React is maintained by tech giant, Facebook, it has a huge level of corporate sponsorship. There is comprehensive documentation and tutorials, as well as a large community of contributors who work to continuously improve the software. 
  • Secure – React offers a high level of security that will ensure the integrity of your website or mobile application. 

The Skillset of a React Developer

React Developers need to understand a lot more than how to code with JavaScript. Front-end development involves handling visual elements and graphical design, so developers need a good sense of what looks good and how to create the right brand image. The next step is knowing how to implement these design skills within the React software environment. 

Developers are responsible for creating and maintaining the user interface of apps and websites. However, on the more technical side, they also control functional items like buttons, scroll bars and text boxes. As such, they need experience in programming this functionality. Any developer who is proficient in React will have an extensive background in developing with JavaScript. This should include familiarity with DOM manipulation and ECMAScript, which supports many desirable features.

How to Hire a React Native Developer

If you’re looking to build an application with React Native, you’ll want the best possible team on board. However, choosing the right person or company can be challenging. By hiring the right developer, you can ensure you’ll get high-quality work and meet your deadlines. To help guide your choice, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • Project outline – what are you looking to create and why? Do you have a great idea for a business application, or is there a user problem that you’re looking to try to solve? How much help do you need in honing in on the problem and designing the solution?
  • Project size and scale – are you looking for one-off help with a short-term project, or do you need more continued support? You’ll need to consider what ongoing support you may need, how you’ll maintain your application and how you’ll ensure you have an agile and scalable solution. Consider how committed the developer will be to your project and, ultimately, to the success of your business. 
  • Experience needed – you’ll want a developer who understands front-end technologies, has direct experience with React and can discuss technical ideas and approaches well. What’s more, you need someone who can offer solutions to problems as they occur, handle complex tasks, and design elegant solutions.

Hiring an App Development Company

Instead of hiring a React Native developer, you might want to consider an app development company. By looking to an app development company to help develop your React Native solution, you are buying in to experience, dedication and support. They will be able to allocate an experienced team to your project and will have tackled many different React projects before. One benefit of this approach is that you can easily scale your requirements up and down. However, you don’t want to lose control of your project. Make sure to find an app development company that will work with you as a partner rather than just a service provider. That way, they will be much more invested in helping you meet your business goals. 

When Should Your Business Use a React Developer?

If you want to build a cost-effective, cross platform application, then React Native development may well be the right choice for your business. Code reusability enables faster development, easy migration and various third-party plugins work together to bring down the cost of development. And you won’t lose out on functionality. React Native is able to create native-looking applications across iOS, Android, Windows and the web. Its single codebase means that time is saved rewriting code for different platforms so that you can build complex solutions faster than ever. 

React Native offers high-quality development, especially if you have the right app developer on your side. You’ll need a developer, or team of developers, who have a thorough understanding of JavaScript and experience building React Native applications. However, by investing in this experience, you can hit the ground running, easily building simple applications and having the power to build complex applications that can make a real impact on your business. 

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