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Our Flutter development team helps Australia’s top enterprises create award-winning applications in weeks, not months. CIOs, CTOs and in-house teams partner with our Flutter developers to build apps (for mobile and web) that add value and boost profits.

We would never have been able to successfully deliver our app without XAM’s support.

Everything You Need To Win

Full Stack Flutter App Development

Build leading-edge architecture that supports fast reactions to new business conditions. Our team follows modern best practices; such as code reviews, writing clean code and unit testing. We commit code changes regularly, triggering automated builds and testing.

We work externally or alongside your team and help you build applications in independent parts with a continuous integration and deployment pipeline (DevOps). This gives you greater flexibility and reduces your time to market.

Also, our Quality Assurance team involve themselves in the development process from day one. They perform a variety of tests to make sure your code is of the highest quality and works the way you want it to.

Flutter App UX And UI Design

Uncovering the right problems to solve is at the heart of great UX and UI design.

So, before writing any code, we’ll help you to implement cutting-edge discovery tools and methodologies to easily identify your end users’ true problems and desires.

Following that, our designers will combine this in-depth understanding of your app’s end goal with the latest technologies and thought leadership in UX and UI design to create a Flutter Application that looks beautiful and is intuitive to use.

Let us help you design intuitive apps around core product functionality that lead to powerful user experiences that propel your organisation forward.

Flutter Integrations

We understand that your Flutter applications exist within a larger ecosystem, so we give you a range of seamless integration capabilities to accelerate your development process.

Harness the world of integrations through fully external services for maximum security, authentication, data and more.

Regardless of whether your integrated service is off the shelf or fully custom-built, we can facilitate your next innovation without negatively impacting your existing services.

Flutter Support And Maintenance

Need technical leadership or ongoing maintenance support? Our Flutter experts are here to help. Whether it’s adding new features, patching bugs or further customising your application, we’ll work in partnership with your team to execute everything smoothly and on time.

Whether your application was originally built by us or not, our Flutter specialists are there for you around the clock so you can manage your app with confidence and peace of mind.

For too long, the Flutter development industry has been dominated by goliath companies with slow deliveries, low coding standards, lengthy onboarding processes and inflexible service.

At XAM, we’re challenging the status quo by delivering world-class Flutter applications at a pace others can’t compete with.

XAM’s design and build for Coles resulted in an app that retained all existing functionality while supporting the new hardware. This allowed Coles to begin phasing out their existing aging tablets, significantly reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

The remote nature of the engagement highlighted XAM’s communication and transparency as key skills to successfully delivering the project in a timely manner.

With digital technology transforming the expectations of employees and an ever-growing base of customers, Kmart sought an experienced partner to implement the right digital solution to improve operational efficiency, staff engagement and training across multiple stores.

Over an 18-month period, Xam successfully implemented a rich digital platform, ensuring that during the process staff orientation and training, stock, and pricing were all addressed.

Telstra sought the services of a professional partner in developing a technology solution to assist individuals and business owners to locate valuable items including keys, wallets, mobile phones, pets and more.

The goal of the project, spanning a twelve-month period, was to provide a high-level of technical support and expertise for the application. Our excellence across all development stages was crucial to the success of the innovative product.

We lead the design, development, testing, and implementation of the new app with documented strategies and project management of the multiple stakeholders. XAM expertly delivered leadership in the design and development of the new banking app, speed and performance testing, internal training, on-site and off-site support and upskilling of NPBS staff to ensure seamless knowledge transfer, as well as the implementation of security hardening techniques.

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Accelerate your project to month 2 on day 1 with our unique IP and Azure Accelerators.

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We aren’t just techies, we know design, products and people. So we ensure that the solutions solve real problems and people love them.

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Partner with us and scale your team up or down exactly when you need it, not strings attached.

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Focus on your project and let us handle all security aspects and compliance requirements

Trusted Flutter Specialists

Get leading-edge technical expertise and leadership from Australia’s most talented Flutter team.

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We take the time to research and understand your project so the solution we build is guaranteed to meet your user’s needs.


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