How to Hire Flutter App Developers

Developing cross-platform apps has become a universal need as organisations worldwide search for cost-effective ways to expand their user bases. Flutter app development enables businesses to do just that, with a robust framework that creates exceptional cross-platform apps in less time. The framework has been expanding rapidly and provides outstanding opportunities for Flutter Android development and, indeed, cross-platform app development. 

However, the question that often arises is how to hire Flutter app developers. In this article, we’ll help you to understand the process of identifying a leading Flutter app development company, what to look out for and how having the right team on board can give your app development process the boost it needs.

What is Flutter Development

Flutter is a modern, reactive app development framework developed by Google to create Android and iOS apps from a single code base. As the framework is developed by the same company that owns Android, Flutter is one of the main players in the cross-platform app development business. In fact, in a survey conducted in 2020, Flutter was found to be the third most loved application development framework, with 69% of developers keen to work with it. Google’s UI toolkit enables developers to build beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, desktop and embedded devices, all from a single codebase. 

Flutter’s main focus is to give a native feel to all apps through its design elements and development kits. Its extensive set of tools gives developers a huge amount of options. The entire UI is made of combining different widgets to define the structure, style or layout. Ready-made widgets are provided which look native to either Android or iOS, and developers are also able to create custom widgets. The framework is easy to use and very accessible, and gives full control to developers as they aren’t restricted to a particular system or platform. Flutter uses a single codebase, reducing the development lifecycle, cutting development costs and improving the time-to-market. 

The Benefits of Flutter Android Development

Since Flutter comes from the same company as Android, it provides the maximum possibilities for Android development. The framework ensures that resources are optimised and that apps get the most out of Android capabilities. However, one of the key benefits of Flutter Android development is that developers can create both an Android and an iOS application using just one code base. This results in significant time and cost savings both during development and in terms of ongoing maintenance. In fact, there are several benefits to Flutter Android development:

  • Faster Code Writing – normally, Android developers have to write code and then wait for it to compile before seeing changes. Flutter offers hot reload, which allows them to check changes immediately. 
  • Ready-Made Widgets – a customisable kit of widgets, with the best icons, typography and scrolling behaviours, make it easy to create both simple and complex applications. 
  • Community support – as it is developed by tech giant, Google, developers are supported with updates and issue fixes. What’s more, the friendly developer community is constantly growing with experts ready to share their knowledge and experience. 
  • Near-native – Flutter’s Skia software allows for extremely well-optimised development. Flutter apps are indistinguishable from native apps ad don’t rely on any intermediate code representations.
  • Expressive and flexible UI – layered architecture allows for full customisation, which results in incredibly fast rendering and expansive and flexible designs. 
  • Simple platform – Flutter offers advanced operating system features like GPS coordinates, sensory data collection, Bluetooth and more in ready-to-use plugins.
  • Beyond mobile – Flutter isn’t just for mobile applications; it can also be used on browsers without any change in the source code. From a single codebase, developers can create solutions that work on mobile, web and Mac. 

Flutter isn’t just beneficial from a developers perspective; it also benefits you as a business owner too. With a single codebase, you’ll benefit from working with a single team and can get your product to the market much more quickly. What’s more, the apps you develop with Flutter will by no means be sub-par. With a continuously growing library of unique and attractive widgets, you can build beautiful apps across all platforms. And another big benefit, of course, is cost. As you only have to pay for one development team, and one app that works across all platforms, you can reduce resources, time and cost. With Flutter, you can craft high-performing cross-platform apps that run flawlessly on all the latest devices and platforms

What to Look for in Flutter App Developers

Of course, once you’ve realised the many benefits of Flutter app development, you then need to get the right developer on board. The potential of the Flutter app framework is huge, but to leverage the benefits, developers need to fully understand their responsibilities. Your software developer will need extensive framework knowledge to build complex applications with Flutter, but they’ll also need to : 

  • Write Clean Code – code needs to be easily understandable and readable, and clean code will enhance the speed of the development process. What’s more, it enables you to scale your app more easily. 
  • Fix Bugs – there will be bugs in every development project, which makes testing and quality assurance vital. 
  • Collaborate – app development involves a lot of teamwork and collaboration, and you want to ensure that you’ll be included in the process too. 
  • Innovate – app development is constantly evolving, which means you need an innovative team on board that is up to speed with new technologies and tools. 
  • Learn – Flutter developers need to constantly learn and keep up to date with new releases and changing trends if they are to deliver the best results. 

Make sure you think of all these aspects before hiring a Flutter app development company. You need to ask them about their experience, review their portfolio and ensure they will give you the support you need throughout the project. 

How Flutter App Development Can Help Your Business

Flutter app development can make a massive difference to your business if you’re looking to build a scalable, robust cross-platform app. What’s more, the platform can help you to save time, money and resources. However, you’ll only realise the benefits with the right developer on board. Instead of looking for a single person to do everything, consider hiring a dedicated Flutter development team or specialist agency. That way, you can have confidence that the app development process will run smoothly from start to finish. With the right team on board, everyone will be invested in your project’s success.

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