How to Hire the Best .NET Consultants

Software development forms a massive part of the modern business world. After all, whatever industry you work in, apps, websites and platforms will no doubt form a huge part of your operations. However, while there are lots of ready-made solutions available, when it comes to solving unique business problems, custom software development is often the only answer. .NET is an incredibly popular, free, cross-platform, open-source development platform that enables you to build for web, mobile, desktop, IoT and more. However, all of that is only possible with the right skills and experience. The fact is that to develop innovative business solutions with .NET, you may well need to hire a team of experienced .NET developers. 

The Benefits of .NET Consultants

If you’ve not outsourced software development before, it might seem like a daunting concept. After all, it involves putting your trust in another company to deliver results that are critical to your business. However, regardless of the size of your company, software development has a lot to offer. By taking the weight off your shoulders and putting your trust in another company, you can benefit from: 

  • Cost savings –  if you don’t have the skills in-house, by outsourcing .NET development, you can save a significant amount of money in terms of recruitment fees, training and onboarding.
  • Resource optimisation – even if you have your own team of developers, that doesn’t mean they have time to work on every project. By using your internal resources wisely, you can deliver more value to your customers. 
  • Software talent – by outsourcing, you have access to a huge pool of talent with specific technical expertise. By hiring a team of expert developers to work on your project, you will end up with a superior product. 
  • Scalability – with outsourced software developers, you have far more flexibility if your project grows or you need to account for new projects. 
  • Time savings – a software development company will be focused on your project, have the experience needed to hit the ground running and can help you to reduce time to market and achieve a competitive advantage. 

With all these benefits, you can have confidence that you will deliver your project on time and on budget and can focus your attention on growing your business. 

What Are The Advantages of .NET? 

.NET is Microsoft’s open-source web development framework that enables users to build modern website services, websites and applications. In fact, it is one of the most popular frameworks that is used by billions of developers worldwide to power projects of all shapes and sizes. It’s popularity comes down to some key advantages:

  • Productivity – modern language constructs like genetics and asynchronous programming, combined with extensive class libraries, common APIs and powerful tooling, make developers faster and more productive. 
  • Flexibility – .NET can target any application on any platform, whether a mobile application running on multiple platforms or an enterprise server application running on Windows or Linux. This means developers can build apps faster and at a lower cost. 
  • Performance – .NET applications are extremely fast and require less compute power than other popular frameworks. 
  • Security – .NET is officially supported by Microsoft who take security very seriously. Updates are released extremely quickly when threats are discovered, which means your software will be more secure. 
  • Support – as well as Microsoft itself, .NET is supported by millions of developers worldwide. That means there is a large ecosystem of libraries and help available to solve technical challenges when they arise. 

Knowing you want to turn to .NET for your next project is one thing, having the technical development expertise is another. You need to be certain that you have the right developers to achieve the many benefits that .NET has to offer. That’s when it becomes vital to hire the right team.

Hiring the Right .NET Developers for Your Project

If you’re looking to hire .NET developers for your next software development project, you’ll want to find a team who are experienced, knowledgeable and able to align with your business needs. To do that, you need to find a team that is dedicated to .NET software development and is fully up to date with the tools and technologies you’ll need to make your project a success. To make sure you hire the right .NET developers, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • Experience – the first thing you need to ensure is that you hire a highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic team. Make sure that you do your research, verify credentials, read testimonials and even speak with past clients. 
  • Flexibility – if you’re developing a key piece of software for your business, you need a committed partner rather than a one-off service provider. Look for a company that is able to support you through the whole lifecycle of your project and beyond. 
  • Communication – you need to know that you can work alongside a development company. Try to find a .NET developer that is customer-focused, will work alongside you and that has clear lines of communication to ensure you are always up to speed on the progress of your project. 
  • Commitment – not only do you want a team of developers who are committed to your project, you want to ensure they are committed to .NET. A committed team will strive for excellence and will always be learning more about the framework and associated technologies.
  • Innovation – to make sure your project excels, you’ll want to find a .NET consultant who is passionate about coming up with new ideas and solutions. While you might think you know what you need, it pays to be able to get a fresh point of view. 

By considering all of these aspects and putting a clear process in place, you will be much better placed to hire the best .NET developers. Make sure you set clear requirements, verify credentials and clarify costs. More than that, however, be sure to find a team that you get on well with. Communication and collaboration are a vital part of effective software development with .NET. Get all of that right, and you’ll certainly be on the right path to success. 

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