Our New Year’s resolutions

2017 was a great year for XAM…

Firstly, because we had the opportunity to work with awesome projects. Our team had great learnings working for clients like KAS, for which we built an innovative mobile app to enable unlocking doors with a smartphone. We’ve been also working together with the team of National Home Doctor Service to develop a solution for booking a home doctor from the phone. No project is too big or too small for us. We embraced all opportunities to grow and show off our talent a bit, hehe.

In the second place, 2017 was great because our team increased. We have 5 new team members (1 director, 1 Marketing Manager and 3 Xamarin experts). In fact, our team is our most valuable resource. Here at XAM believe in empowering our team and we are constantly encouraging our people to challenge themselves every day. Take a look at how was 2017 for some of our employees and what are their plans for the next 12 months:

Jesse, Senior Xamarin Developer

The best thing about 2017:

I am a numbers guy: I have been working for XAM for 2.5 years. In this year, I have invoked in 14 projects, contributing with 301,731 lines of code. Also, I have been swimming almost 60km in 2017.

New Year Resolutions: Participate in more projects, but write less code. I want to make my code more efficient and clean. Also, I want to learn butterfly stroke in the new year.

Thalita, Marketing Manager at XAM

The best thing about 2017:
Well, this was the year when I started here at XAM. Looking back on 2017, I realise how much I grew as a professional. I learned a lot of different things here. I don’t consider myself a geek yet (hehe), but I definitely can put together an article about mobile trends to keep up the conversation with our clients and followers.

New Year Resolutions:
For 2018, I want to make everybody in the world aware of XAM (hehe!). Now for real, I do want to look back at our marketing strategy and understand what works the best for us and where we need to improve. When it comes to Marketing, there is always room for innovating. In 2018, I also plan to do more yoga and read more.

Michael, XAM’s founder

The best thing about 2017:

For me, the best thing about 2017 was to see how XAM evolved. Not only in terms of business but as a team as well. We started to create a strong company culture and we have more people joining the team in the following months. We also had the opportunity to work on big and complex projects and we definitely learned a lot from them.
New Year Resolutions:

My goal is to make each and everyone in my team learn something incredible to delight our clients. I am planning to finally take the gym a bit more seriously as well. I am also committing to “One year no beer”. Are you up for the challenge?

Drew Alexander, XAM’s director

The best thing about 2017:

2017 was a great year, although I only started at XAM in September, it feels like I’ve been here forever. It’s been a really busy quarter and getting to know each of the team members and customers has been really interesting for me. 2017 was also a year that I managed to get out on the golf course with a lot greater regularity than previous years which I have really enjoyed, it’s just unfortunate that my game hasn’t got any better!

New Year’s Resolutions:

In 2018, I want to continue to support the growth of XAM Consulting by ensuring that our customers receive an excellent level of service from us every time. We want to re-affirm to our customers every day that we are the Xamarin team you can count on and I want to help establish this culture within our team. For 2018, I’d also like to see more of Australia also, I’m grateful every day to live in such a beautiful country and it still feels like I’m on holiday! So I’d like to see more of it this year.


Matthew, Technical Lead at XAM
Best Thing About 2017:
I Joined XAM in October. I’ve been also fortunate enough to travel and speak about Xamarin world-wide
New Year Resolutions:

Do awesome work for our current and future XAM Consulting customers.
Continue growing MFractor into a killer Xamarin productivity tool.
Find more awesome places to do rock-climbing around Sydney. Got any suggestions?

Happy New Year, everybody! See you in 2018!

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