Save Money on Enterprise Apps Using Xamarin

So you have a great app idea for your business. Hopefully, it’ll make a huge impact on the industry. Alternatively, your app will help your employees work in a more efficient way. Whether you want to build a consumer-facing or an enterprise application that meet the needs of your company, you’ll still have to make the ultimate decision: which platform should you target? On the one hand, Android has a larger user base, on the other, iOS customers usually spend more time on their apps. But what if you also want to have a Windows app? The reality is, you don’t have to choose.

Cross-platform app development

Wait, I know what you’re going to say: “I’ve heard about companies that tried it and it was a disaster, the apps suffered major performance issues”. The fact is, cross-platform can have some sort of bad reputation because the tools used five or more years ago were not effective at all. The good news is, nowadays, cross-platform is a totally different thing. The tools used to building apps that target different platforms really evolved with time. Yet among all multi-platform development tools out there, the leading one that enables a native user experience is Xamarin.

What  is Xamarin and how it can help you

One of Xamarin developers’ favorite quotes are:  “Code once, run everywhere… And be native”. Simply explained, Xamarin is a tool that enables developers to create apps for Android and iOS with a single programming language and a shared C# code base. “What about the user experience”, you might ask. Don’t users realise when the app was shared among different platforms? What about the characteristics which are particular to each operating system? To answer this questions, just think about the 3 things that make an app native: Native User Interface, Native Performance and the Access to all of the device APIS for each platform.  Xamarin is the leading solution for cross-platform app development that is native in all 3 ways. And not only in the development phase. Xamarin apps not only look the way the end user expects, they behave and perform that way too.

How can Xamarin help you save money

Ok, so now you know that Xamarin lets you have an awesome app with native user experience for different platforms. But what is the financial impact of Xamarin for your business? To be honest, whether you are a small business short on budget or a big enterprise looking into cutting costs, Xamarin can effectively help you saving money.In the end of last year, Forrester conducted a study about the financial impact of Xamarin for enterprises. They interviewed different customers and discovered that a company adopting Xamarin over a three-year period could experience efficiency gains of $8,7 million. Here is the breakdown:- A reduction in mobile application development costs of up to $1,3 million – Developers write less code and reduce time with research and development. Also other expenses associated with deploying the app in different platforms are cut off.- Gains of up to $829,475 – Since there are no expenses on fixing and managing multiple platform-specific tools.To summarize: Sharing code reduces significantly the time required to create apps on different platforms. It also enables a faster time-to-market and provides a native user experience for the customers. Big companies such as Kellogg’s, Slack, Siemens and Cinemark are making use of Xamarin for their application development. Why don’t you also give it a go?

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