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We’ve helped Australia’s leading companies innovate on Azure

Xams talented Azure consultants can assist you with the design, development, testing and launch of your Azure solution.

We’ve helped Australia’s leading companies innovate on Azure End-to-end Azure Engineering and Technical Leadership


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Xam’s team of experienced and insightful developers work in partnership with you to build capabilities, transform and future-proof business operations using Azure consultants.

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Cloud-Native and Serverless

We are experts in cloud-native and serverless solutions with Azure. We provide leading architectural approaches to building highly-reliable cloud-native applications on Microsoft Azure for mission-critical workloads.

App Migration and Modernisation

Application Modernisation unlocks more advanced cloud capabilities such as increased business agility, global scale and improved resiliency of applications and services. Xam will assess your application for opportunities for modernisation, provide modernisation roadmaps and deliver capabilities for execution. Our unique approach includes understanding the user experience, business problems, business value and then adapting the solution to this.

DevOps and DevSecOps

At our core XAM are software engineers and we have extensive understanding of DevOps. We can design, build, integrate and maintain your DevOps and DevSecOps pipelines.

Custom Software & Cloud Software Development

We are not your ordinary software developers or IT Admins, we are elite enterprise engineers who build cloud native. We build leading-edge architectures that supports fast reactions to new business conditions. Our team follows modern best practices; such as code reviews, writing clean code and unit testing. We commit code changes regularly, triggering automated builds and testing. We work externally or alongside your team and help you build applications in independent parts with a continuous integration and deployment pipeline (DevOps). This gives you greater flexibility and reduces your time to market.

Design-Led Solutions

Uncovering the right problems to solve is at the heart of great UX and UI design.

So, before writing any code, we’ll help you to implement cutting-edge discovery tools and methodologies to easily identify your end users’ true problems and desires.

Following that, our designers will combine this in-depth understanding of your app’s end goal with the latest technologies and thought leadership in UX and UI design to create a Azure Application that looks beautiful and is intuitive to use.

Let us help you design intuitive apps around core product functionality that lead to powerful user experiences that propel your organisation forward.

Systems Integration

We help leading organisations seamlessly integrate apps, data and processes. Building new, integrated solutions that connect apps and services on premises and in the cloud. We help bring your business workflows together so they’re consistent and scalable. Expose your APIs for developers and create opportunities for new business models. The services we leverage include Logic Apps, Service Bus, API Management, Event Grid, Azure Functions, Azure Data Factory and more.

We are fast, flexible and reliable. We offer innovative engagement models, including our highly successful co-delivery model.
Xam’s team are known for their technical excellence and mastery of their skills. We can help you maximise your Azure investment.

Our team is firmly embedded in the Microsoft ecosystem, boasting several Microsoft MVPs and holding the prestigious status of Microsoft Gold Partners. With a wealth of experience, we offer specialised Azure consulting services that center on Azure’s comprehensive range of PaaS, Serverless, Data, Integration, and cloud-native products.

We can help you harness the power of cloud
technology to improve your potential.

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Partner with us and scale your team up or down exactly when you need it, not strings attached.

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Focus on your project and let us handle all security aspects and compliance requirements

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Get leading-edge technical expertise and leadership from Australia’s most talented Azure team.

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Xam’s talented Azure consultants can assist you with the design, development, testing and launch of your Azure solution. You can engage Xam’s talented Azure Consultants’ short term and long term.

We can also partner with you for end-to-end services or co-delivery on site.

We have the best and brightest minds, and the skills to develop robust solutions that harness the power of AI and machine learning. Our services will transform your business.

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