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Take advantage of unlimited scale, performance, and possibilities for your digital transformation. Meet your business intelligence, data warehouse, advanced analytics, data governance, and machine learning objectives with Data & Systems services that offer unmatched performance and security.

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Systems Integration

Break down silos and connect your data & processes. We help you integrate existing applications, data sources, and workflows across on-premises and cloud environments. This fosters collaboration, improves data consistency, and creates opportunities for new business models. 


  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Azure API Management
  • Azure Event Grid
  • Azure Functions

Data Platform & Engineering Services

Leverage modern data lake and data warehousing technologies to build a scalable platform that optimises your business operations and reduces costs.


  • Microsoft Fabric
  • Power BI
  • Synapse Real Time Analytics
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Data Lakes

Cloud Scale Analytics

Bring all your data together at any scale to deliver descriptive insights. We can help you then build on that foundation with best-in-class machine learning tools for predictive insights using advanced analytics.  


  • Microsoft Fabric
  • Databricks
  • Azure Synapse
  • Microsoft Purview
  • Power BI

Azure AI

Build mission-critical solutions with proven, secure, and responsible AI capabilities. Our experts choose from the latest state-of-the-art and open-source models, integrate them with hybrid search, and train them with your data to deliver secure, responsible and innovative solutions for your business.


  • Azure AI Studio
  • Azure AI Service
  • Azure AI Search
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Copilot Stack
  • Copilot Studio
  • Azure OpenAI Service
  • Langchain
  • Semantic Kernel

Why should I care about Data & Integration?

Data is the driving force behind nearly every aspect of innovation.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Accurate data allows for informed and timely decisions, enhancing strategic planning and competitiveness.

Operational Efficiency

Streamlined processes and automation reduce costs, increase productivity, and optimise resource utilisation.

Competitive Advantage

Personalised services and proactive solutions foster customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue growth.


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