Cross Platform
App Development

Xam is a seasoned cross-platform app development company. Our proficient team offers comprehensive cross-platform mobile app development services to a diverse clientele.

Delivering the best solution – right for you.

We are fast, flexible and reliable, and we offer the best professional service for your needs.

Xam’s team of experienced and insightful developers work in partnership with you to build capabilities, transform and future-proof business operations using Power Apps.

Our developers have the insight and knowledge you need to get the right results.

Yes please, turn my vision into reality

Xam’s cross-platform app development expertise includes leveraging technologies like React Native, to craft a solution that not only fulfilled the client’s requirement for a seamless experience with the benefits of cost efficiency, time savings, consistent user experience, ease of maintenance and wider market reach.

Enhancing User Engagement with Cross-Platform App Development

One of our recent collaborations involved partnering with a dynamic e-commerce startup aiming to expand its reach across both iOS and Android platforms. Faced with the challenge of limited resources and a desire for efficient development, the client sought a solution that would provide a consistent user experience while minimising development time and costs.

Our results continue to position Xam as Australia’s first choice
when it comes to Enterprise App Developers.

Hit Your Goals Faster

Accelerate your project with our unique IP and .NET Accelerators.

Ultra-Modern UX & UI

Design intuitive experiences and beautiful interfaces that people will love to use.

Scale as needed

Partner with us and scale your team up or down exactly when you need it, no strings attached.

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Focus on your project and let us handle all security aspects and compliance requirements.

Trusted React Specialists

Get leading-edge technical expertise and leadership from Australia’s most talented React team.

Guarantee Success

We take the time to research and understand your project so the solution we build is guaranteed to meet your user’s needs.

Why engage Xam for cross platform app development?

  • Our team’s expertise in designing and developing the best mobile apps that work across multiple mobile platforms and devices
  • Xam’s experience, insight and ability to deliver fast and intuitive cross platform apps
  • We empower you – working in partnership to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Xam’s talented cross-platform app developers can assist you in the design, development, testing and launch of your mobile app with speed and efficiency.

Engage Xam’s talented cross platform app developers’ short term or long term. Or, we can partner with you for end-to-end services or co-delivery on site.

Cross-platform mobile apps are flexible and secure. The key benefits include:

  • Seamless function across multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and more
  • Easy integration with cloud-hosting services
  • The added security advantages associated with a single-app build
  • Speed to market
  • Synchronised updates
  • Solid user experience.

As an experienced cross platform mobile app development company, we have the best insight and development skills to ensure your end-product truly sets you apart from the competition.

Our experienced cross-platform app developers work with our customers to design and develop cost-effective apps that look great and perform seamlessly across a broad range of platforms and devices.


Not sure where to begin? Whether a brand new idea, or existing opportunity for innovation, we’ve got your back