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Our team provides Swift App Development services to many clients across multiple industry sectors.

We partner with clients to achieve the results they need, offering the most flexible options so you can choose to engage our team on a short-term or long-term basis. 

We also provide expert end-to-end and co-delivery services on site.

XAM helps clients transform their businesses, strengthening their ability to innovate, grow and succeed.

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Why engage XAM for Swift App Development?

Significant benefits of engaging XAM for your swift app development services are:

  • Partnering with a skilled team of creative Swift app developers
  • Relying on our knowledge of the latest intuitive Swift updates
  • Flexibility to engage key XAM developers on a temporary or long-term basis
  • Taking full advantage of our capacity to develop iOS apps with amazing features and functionality using Swift
  • Utilising XAM’s ability to build new solutions or transform legacy apps to Swift.

XAM’s Swift developers have the experience you need to get the right results.

XAM exceeded our expectations.

“We engaged the XAM team for their Swift app development services and we could not be happier with their expertise, insight and the end result”




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We make completing your Swift project easy

Our team of experienced Swift developers are at the forefront of iOS app development in Australia.

We are industry leaders who understand the benefits we bring to our clients and we work hard to ensure our levels of customer service are backed by cutting-edge project management outcomes.

We deliver on time and on budget.

Our results continue to position XAM Consulting as Australia’s first choice when it comes to Swift App Developers.


Why Build Apps with Swift?

Swift is a resilient, intuitive, open-source, multi-faceted programming language for iOS, OSX, watchOS and TvOS. The technology offers many key benefits:

  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Integration into existing Objective-C code
  • App stability and security features
  • Simple structure that empowers developers
  • Clean and simplified syntax
  • Increased level of performance.


As a safe and fast programming language, Swift also has excellent diagnostics that allow for greater interactivity and development opportunities.

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Why should you choose Swift?

Released in 2014 by Apple, Swift has grown quickly in popularity, particularly amongst iOS developers. Swift 5.0 was released in 2019 with a stable binary community interface that can be packaged and linked directly to the iOS operating system.

Swift Source Code can be ported across many platforms and devices easily, making it a flexible and reliable choice for developers. 

XAM’s experts can help you transform your business through harnessing the many advantages provided by Swift App Development services.

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