The Who, What, Why and When of App Builders Australia

If you search online, you’ll find no shortage of app builders in Australia. With the rise in mobile devices and app usage, it seems that everyone wants a piece of the action. What’s more, thanks to the development of new frameworks, tools and technologies, app building has become more accessible. Citizen developers, people with little to no coding knowledge, can now build basic applications. However, if you want to build a mobile or web application for your business, you probably want someone with a fair bit more experience under their belt. By hiring the right app development team, you can get outstanding results. Moreover, you can ensure your solution is cost-effective, that deadlines are always met and that communication is clear and consistent throughout. 

What Can An App Do For Your Business?

Every business is dependent on reaching new customers, and apps can enable you to do just that. A mobile app is a business tool that can: 

  • Deliver Value – a great app will solve a customer problem and, ultimately, make their lives better. 
  • Build Brand Recognition – by creating regular interactions with your customers, you can foster trust. 
  • Continually Connect – with an app, you aren’t dependent on a 9-5 business model. You can be there to offer services and information to your customers whenever and wherever they are. 
  • Boost Profits – by creating an app that is useful and user-friendly you will, in turn, boost products. 
  • Be Competitive – by having an app, you are able to keep up or overtake the competition, giving something extra to your costumes. 

Once you’ve realised that building an app is a worthwhile business investment, the next step is ensuring that you get the best return on that investment. This is where finding the right app developers can make all the difference. 

Who Can Be Professional App Builders?

App developers are professional software programmers who are able to create applications for platforms such as iOS, Android, web and desktop. They have a huge amount of knowledge and expertise and a distinct set of skills. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone who advertises themselves as an app builder will have these skills. It’s wise to dig deeper into a potential developer’s experience before agreeing to work with them. A reputable app builder will have the following essential development skills:

  • Technical Knowledge – a developer should have in-depth knowledge of modern programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML5 and Swift. They’ll also need an excellent understanding of Cloud infrastructure and data management and structuring. 
  • Proven Experience – a developer should have the practical experience of building applications with outstanding user interfaces. Take a look at their past work and read customer testimonials to make sure that they deliver on their promises and are able to build eye-catching and engaging apps. 
  • Communication Skills – building an app is a collaborative project that requires constant communication. An app developer needs to be able to communicate their ideas clearly in non-technical jargon. 

Of course, the skill set you need will depend on the type of app you’re looking to build. The more complicated and time consuming it is, the more vital it will be to ensure that all of these skills are available to you. However, while technical skills and expertise are in high demand, you also want the soft skills alongside these. Finding an app developer that is the right fit for your company and culture can make a huge difference too. 

Why Choose An App Building Team?

If you are considering hiring an app developer, you might be tempted to look for an in-house developer. However, while this does come with some benefits, there are several things to consider. First and foremost, you need to find the right candidate. You’ll need to invest in recruitment, training and management to get the right person on board and up and running. Once you get to this point, you do have the chance to build a continuity of in-house knowledge that may prove valuable. However, there is no way to ensure that any employee will stay with you, which could leave your business in the lurch. 

When it comes to outsourced development teams, while they may seem more expensive upfront, that may well not be the case. You won’t have to cough up for training and management costs and you get more than a single developer for a single salary. With an app building team, you will have an experienced designer, developer, product manager, quality assurance manager and more to keep your project on track. 

With just one new recruit, you may be able to build apps, but you won’t have a scalable solution. You’re unlikely to have the ability to build with multiple frameworks across multiple platforms, and you’re going to have to invest a huge amount of time and resources in managing them. An app building team, on the other hand, can manage the lifecycle of your app development for you so you can focus on other business priorities. 

How To Find the Best App Builders Australia

If you’ve decided to outsource your project and look to hire a team of app builders in Australia, you still need to be cautious. There are many pitfalls that can lead you to the wrong person or team. However, if you take the following steps, you’ll be in a much stronger position: 

  • Be Willing to Invest – if you search for the cheapest app developer, then you may well end up with a cheap product. App development is complex and requires a huge degree of technical skill. As with many things in life, you’ll get what you pay for, and your return on investment will likely be a reflection of this.
  • Do Your Homework – every company you speak to will do their best to sell you their services. However, you don’t have to take their word for it. Make sure that you ask to see examples of their work, read testimonials and even speak to past clients. That way, you have proof that they can deliver on their promises. 
  • Understand What You Need – there is little point in developing an app just for the sake of it. Make sure you’re able to explain the business problem you are trying to solve so that your app development team will understand what the app needs to achieve. The best solutions will come from a thorough understanding of the core issue. 
  • Set Realistic Timeframes – how long an app takes to develop will depend on its size and complexity. If you push for tight timeframes and rush the process, your app will suffer. Make sure that you are aware of the development process, including testing and bug fixing cycles. 
  • Look for a Partner – you need to be able to work closely with an app development company, so make sure that they are willing to collaborate and communicate with you. Having a partner that is invested in your business outcomes is fundamental to the success of your app. 

The Benefits of Hiring the RIght App Building Team

By hiring  an experienced, professional app building team in Australia, you will have a team of people who understand your market, enjoy collaborating and are always available. What’s more, you can save time and money, building a cost-effective app that will work seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices to give you the competitive edge your business needs. 

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