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We have the best and brightest minds, and the skills to develop robust solutions that harness the power of AI and machine learning. Our services will transform your business.


User Validated Design

Build without assumptions, but with user validation.

Rally the people, unpack the situation, set the business priorities and let’s validate some of the riskiest assumptions with real users. Once we know what users want we will create beautiful designs that stakeholders, investors and everyone will love.

Yes, I want loveable designs


User Research

Understand requirements, define what the problem is Prepare for Research stage, Research market, interviews, Usability testing.

User Experience Design

Uncovering the right problems to solve is at the heart of great UX and UI design. So, before writing any code, we’ll help you to implement cutting-edge discovery tools and methodologies to easily identify your end users’ true problems and desires.

Design Workshops

Design Workshops to understand stakeholders and users. Brainstorm with team, Generate ideas to address opportunities, Sketches / white board flows / wireframes.


We use low fidelity prototyping to iterate quickly. Once we are happy the next stage is high fidelity prototypes.

Visual Designs

Beautiful visual designs aligned to the company brand.

We get ROI and Stakeholders

Our Experience Design Process is designed to help you create solutions that people love, drive business returns and increase value.No matter what stage you’re at, we’re here with you from the beginning to the end. Engaged customers convert into loyal brand advocates. We know what executives love and we can help projects be successful.

Our vision was to transform the global medical industry and client communication using the best technology. XAM Consulting’s expertise and advice have been invaluable. The team’s understanding of our needs and objectives is reflected in the dynamic drtalk platform XAM designed and developed.

True Partnerships

Our unique co-delivery model enables us to have a true partnership, we work embedded in your company so we can deeply understand your business and customers.

Intuitive & Seemless

We validate assumptions and prototypes with real users, then we identify and implement improvements. We make sure user interactions with your product is intuitive and seamless.

We can help you harness the power of cloud
technology to improve your potential

Hit your goals faster

Accelerate your project to month 2 on day 1 with our unique IP and Azure Accelerators.

Solutions users love

So we ensure that the solutions solve real problems and people love them.

Scale as needed

Partner with us and scale your team up or down exactly when you need it, no strings attached.

Product Design Thinking

Our designers are not your typical agency designers, we design for product and are experienced in working in product teams.

Pragmatic and ROI Driven

We are not into the fluff, all the work we do is focused on the business ROI.

Success Follows Us

We deeply care about our customers success. Combine that with our capabilities and modern engagement models then success follows.

Telstra sought the services of a professional partner in developing a technology solution to assist individuals and business owners to locate valuable items including keys, wallets, mobile phones, pets and more.

The goal of the project, spanning a twelve-month period, was to provide a high-level of technical support and expertise for the application. Our excellence across all development stages was crucial to the success of the innovative product.

We lead the design, development, testing, and implementation of the new app with documented strategies and project management of the multiple stakeholders. XAM expertly delivered leadership in the design and development of the new banking app, speed and performance testing, internal training, on-site and off-site support and upskilling of NPBS staff to ensure seamless knowledge transfer, as well as the implementation of security hardening techniques.


Not sure where to begin? Whether a brand new idea, or existing opportunity for innovation, we’ve got your back