Welcome Michael

Michael brings over 10 years of design consulting experience and a passion for helping organisations unlock value for their customers. 

He has worked with government departments on challenges relating to healthcare, cancer screening, education, environmental protection and defence. He’s helped private organisations build products to prevent domestic violence, access mental-health services and navigate University campuses. 

As a designer, he knows how important the little things are and how they contribute to the bigger picture. As a business strategist, he knows the reality and challenges of driving innovation and delivering transformation in large organisations.

Beyond design and delivery, Michael’s true passion is people – Growing and supporting people to be the best versions of themselves and succeed in life is what gets him out of bed in the morning – “When talented people have a clear goal, feel safe and supported – they do amazing things!”. 

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About the author

Michael Ridland is the Co-CEO and Founder of Xam Consulting.

Design-led problem solving delivering digital solutions.

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