Welcome Tim

Tim has been working with teams to make web and mobile apps products for almost 15 years.  He has worked across a pretty wide range of projects from small start-ups right through to large government apps and everything in-between.  

Tim really enjoys working in technology because it’s always changing and he is always learning. He always get asked if he has done A, B or C but every time Tim starts on something new, it’s something he haven’t done before which is really exciting and challenging, and frustrating, and rewarding.

Tims experience has led him through all aspects of product development, and there’s always been something new to become an expert on, whether it be mobile design patterns, security, implementing a new technology, accessibility, analytics, performance… the list goes on.  Over the years, this wide variety has given him a strong foundation of knowledge to bring into a new teams.

He hold the highest expectations about what we can deliver and what we can achieve and he never stops trying to get the absolute best result.

Outside of the office, Tim is looking forward to weekend trips away, riding his bikes, exploring new places, eating spicy food, underwater adventures and one day heading back overseas.

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