What Business Leaders Need to Know About React Developers

React is an incredibly popular development framework that developers are keen to have in their toolset. The JavaScript library helps them to build user interfaces for all sorts of business applications and gives them access to many advanced features. However, there are also several other available frameworks promising similar benefits, so, as a business decision-maker, the question remains as to why you should invest in React developers. 

While it’s easy to find out general information about React and what it is used for, understanding how it can impact your business can be more challenging. After all, knowing how often React has been downloaded and how many open-source projects it’s been used for is one thing, understanding how it can truly add value to your business is another. When it comes to strategic business decisions such as which development framework to use, management and c-level executives need to be able to truly justify their investment. 

Why Business Leaders Need to Know More About React

Whether you’re a top-level executive, senior developer or business leader, if you care about business results, then it pays to understand the technology behind your web and mobile apps. The fact is that technology evolves rapidly and finding a common development language for your development projects can become increasingly complex. No doubt, you’ll want to understand how any technology, such as React, can help you solve business problems, make your teams more efficient and allow your business to grow sustainably. 

With such a surge in technology choices, it can be difficult to assess whether React will be able to keep to its promises. Clearly, you don’t want to learn the code yourself, nor should you have to, but you need to be able to justify the investment in React developers and ensure you’re making a viable and strategic business decision. 

The Business Benefits of Adding React to Your Tech Stack

React has helped transform many businesses and has been adopted as the front-end technology of choice by many well-known tech companies. From a developer’s point of view, React components are easier to extend and maintain, its reusable nature suits multivariate testing and there is a huge community with a central library for React developers. However, if you’re not a developer, while that might all sound great, it also might not mean much. Fortunately, there are lots of more relatable business benefits that can help justify the spend on React developers:

  • Increased productivity – React is a very well-designed and maintained tool that’s reliable and constantly improving and adapting to new development patterns and trends. This, along with its single code base, increases developer productivity and enable new features to be added more readily.
  • Better conversion rates – React enables developers to put user experience front of mind and create consistent and engaging user interfaces. By helping to solve core user problems effectively, React apps can deliver better experiences, which translate into conversions and sales. 
  • Reduced costs – thanks to its cross-platform nature, with React, your development team only needs to build one application to work across multiple platforms, saving a huge amount of time and money not only during build but for future maintenance and upgrades. 
  • Improved time to market – with React, developers can build quickly, solve bugs from a single code base, and decouple front and back-end development. The result is a more scalable solution that can be released more quickly both in the first instance and when new features have been added.  

What Projects Can React be Used For?

React is one of the most useful developer tools, thanks to its wide range of use cases. Its simplicity, component reusability and singular direction of data flow make coding simpler for new projects than with other technologies. This makes it a great choice for a wide range of successful business projects. The possibilities are pretty limitless when it comes to the types of project you can build with react; some common use cases that may be relevant for your business include:

  • Ecommerce apps – retail apps are complex as they consist of multiple APIs, elements, filters and other functionality that requires a high amount of independence between components. React is able to build separate components that can be easily scaled, and component reusability is also extremely helpful.
  • Data visualisation tools – dashboards are vital components for businesses to be able to present data in a consumable way. React has dedicated features for building these types of data visualisation apps and can leverage advanced technologies such as machine learning while integrating with business intelligence projects. 
  • Messaging apps – think of the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, apps that are part of everyday life for most of us. Ultimately, they are helpful communication tools that can be built for internal or customer-facing purposes. React is the ideal choice for these types of apps thanks to its built-in abilities and useful WebSocket APIs to enable real-time two-way interactive communication.
  • Social media apps – the framework was originally built to work with Facebook, which makes it particularly attuned to social networking apps. These are apps that have a constantly evolving list of advanced features and a sophisticated user interface that allows end-users to build unique accounts.

Rect is suitable for these types of projects for businesses of all shapes and sizes. While it is used by large tech companies, it is also the perfect choice for startups. React allows you to speed up development, cut development costs and get solutions to market faster. 

Should You Consider React for Your Next Project

Being skilled with React is becoming a prerequisite for developers, so choosing a development team with the ability under their belt is a great choice. With React developers on your side, your business will be able to develop native apps for multiple platforms, using a single framework, saving time and money as a result. What’s more, React’s simple and reusable component-based approach makes building apps simpler. That, combined with a plethora of developer tools, empowers your business to deliver all types of web and mobile applications to drive productivity and growth. If you’re looking to build a mobile or web-based application, especially a complex one, it could well be the ideal framework for you, enabling your business to innovate and grow quickly and effectively. 

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