When Should You Use React Consultants

 React is the most popular JavaScript framework in terms of overall usage and satisfaction. The framework enables developers to build rich user interfaces, web page components and applications. By using React, businesses can quickly create visually appealing and interactive user experiences, which explains why it’s used by some of the world’s biggest names. The question is, however, when is it right for your business and why should you turn to React consultants to help?

What is React?

React is a front-end JavaScript library (ReactJS) that was developed by Facebook to make UI development much simpler. The idea was to create an open-source and component-based library, taking the burden off developers by allowing them to create stateful components that are rendered based on runtime data. React works with a virtual DOM, which means that it doesn’t need to refresh all components when a user reacts with it. The result is that it doesn’t suffer a drop in performance. What’s more, the framework was built with reusability in mind, UI components can be reused without rewriting existing codes and the components are simple to debug. In addition, the framework is cost-effective and regularly updated with the latest tech stack. 

The Benefits of React Consultants

By choosing React consultants for your next project, you can ensure that they are using a framework that is fast, scalable and easy to use. With these key benefits, you are better placed to quickly build a solution and save costs in the process. Ultimately, with a development team that has React firmly in their toolkit, you can benefit from:

  • Productivity – with React, developers can easily package website components and create a hierarchy of components, each with its logic and controls. This component-based approach to coding leads to higher levels of productivity. 
  • Efficiency – developers can eliminate code repetition thanks to React component reusability. Components produce short, reusable HTML code, simplifying the design and maintenance of React applications.
  • Simplicity – React is a simple framework to use and learn as it is based on JavaScript. If a developer has JavaScript experience, then they will quickly be able to get to grips with the concepts required and focus on the finer details of a development project. 
  • Speed – thanks to the Virtual document object model functionality, ReactJS is extremely fast compared to other frameworks.
  • Support – React comes with a valuable collection of developer tools such as Chrome and Firefox dev extensions that allow it to investigate the hierarchies of react components in the virtual DOM. There is also a huge and vibrant community of developers that are always able to help solve issues and refine solutions. 
  • Compatibility- search engines can have difficulty reading massive JavaScript apps, but with the component-based nature of Reach, developers can easily navigate across numerous search engines. 
  • Stability – UI components built with React are predictable due to unilateral data flow. Changes made to a child element aren’t able to affect the parent, so unintended changes are eliminated. With data flowing in a single direction, the parent always retains its default properties. 

Top Companies Using React

Thanks to faster time to market, the reusability of components and the richness of design, many big-name brands have turned to React developers to build their applications. Not only does React deliver incredible visuals but they are balanced with efficient development and programming. With React, leading web and UI development teams are able to develop highly responsive, beautiful interfaces. Some of the most famous companies that use React include: 

  • Meta – as the ReactJS library was created by the Facebook development team, it’s not surprising that elements of the Facebook website were built using the framework. Meta owns popular apps such as Facebook Messenger and the ReactJS library is maintained by a community of Meta developers. The technology giant aims to develop technology and share resources with its users, and React plays a key part in that.
  • Netflix – the entertainment company turned to React in 2015 in a bid to improve user experience. The team were attracted to React thanks to its startup development speed, runtime performance and modularity and have since completely revamped Netflix’s look with a React user interface. 
  • Uber – again, aiming to improve the user experience of its web application, the mobile ridesharing app was drawn to React. The company has also used React Native since its inception and has produced many open source libraries as well as a design system to provide reusable UI components. 
  • Yahoo – the search engine chose ReactJS to redo its email app, thanks to its virtual DOM server-side rendering and one-way reactive data flow. The new Yahoo! Mail experience uses a front-end technology stack that includes React. 
  • Airbnb – the short-term accommodation rental service turned to React to ensure that web page elements would load quickly and correctly. The Airbnb team has since contributed significantly to the development of the React ecosystem and has used new capabilities to expand its business offering. 
  • The New York Times – as one of the most popular daily newspapers in the US, The New York Times needed to ensure it had a robust front end. The company switched to ReactJS to achieve this and gain the flexibility to create special web projects. 

When to Use React Developers For Your Project? 

Now that you understand why you might want to use React developers, it’s time to get to grips with when they might offer the right solution for your project. After all, when used correctly, the framework can save you a huge amount of time, effort and, most importantly, money. If your web application has a frontend UI that demands high user interaction, React is a perfect choice. The framework takes care of the lower-level algorithm, which means your developers will only need to focus on the interface’s view model instead of coding every interactive element individually. Another time when React developers are invaluable is when your existing code base is getting out of hand. Similarly, if your website visitors complain of lags and unresponsive pages, React’s virtual DOM can help get your performance back where it needs to be to keep your users happy. 

As a business owner, finding a way to shorten time to market with a new product can be a real game-changer. React offers developers a rich suite of design, development and debugging tools along with great support that ensures they can hit the ground running. What’s more, as well as saving on time, you can benefit from improved user experience and better application performance. 

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