Why Does Your Business Need to Take App Maintenance?

Do you know Apple removes apps from the Appstore if it becomes obsolete? Apple does this to clean up the App store from problematic and abandoned apps. Here, “abandoned” app likely means apps that don’t support the latest iOS releases and iPhone hardware that will be targeted for Apple. The latest guidelines for the App Store recommend developers remove apps that they are no longer updating. Developing and deploying an app does not mean your work is over. Mobile applications need to be constantly updated and monitored for potential vulnerabilities. So, to make sure your app is problematic and abandoned in the Appstore, take the necessary steps of maintenance before it is too late.  

Here are some of the reasons why you MUST opt for App maintenance.  

  1. Keeping up with the Operating System 

If you are an iPhone user, you must have noticed how often Apple upgrades its operating system. Your app should keep up with the change in Apple Operating System to make the most of its latest technologies. Many apps stop running on new versions that don’t support them. Thus, it’s important to upgrade and get the latest versions of the OS so that the app continues to work on new devices. 

  1. Staying away from cyber attacks 

If you are concerned about your app’s security or the security of your user details, it is very important to monitor your app over time. Keeping apps secure from Cyber Threats is important as Cyber attackers always remain in search of loopholes when it comes to the security of apps. App gets outdated with time even if it is encrypted with top security protocols, thus regular app maintenance becomes crucial for app protection.  

  1. Stay alive in the App store 

Maintenance ensures that your App stays on the App Store. The app stores’ rules, laws, and guidance keep changing with time thus, developers need to be extra vigilant to ensure their apps meet the regulations. iOS and Android OS are updated from time to time with new features and APIs. Thus, you must ensure the compatibility of your app. 

  1. Show the users that you care 

You should care about your app because your user base is in it. Even if your mobile app continues to function as expected, and even if you believe your design still works, users expect updates. However small change it is, embracing a new design can make your users feel that you care what they see. When you push out an update you let them know that you haven’t forgotten them. 

  1. Costeffective in the long run 

The mobile ecosystem is one of the fastest changing in the technology field. It is a field of fierce competition, and it’s always evolving. Once you acknowledge that it is time to update your app, it can still be difficult to know where to begin and the number of changes to be done all at the same time. Simple and frequent maintenance of your app helps to improve ROI and becomes cost-effective in the long run.  

Get in touch with us to find out how you can improve your ROI and become cost-effective when it comes to your mobile app management.  

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