Why Should You Hire Xamarin App developers?

If you are a business owner looking to develop a custom app, being able to develop simultaneously across multiple platforms can make a huge difference, saving time and money during development. During the last decade, Xamarin has quickly become the leading company for cross-platform app development with certified professionals, multinational companies and non-technical people alike all hailing its virtues. Used by over 1.4 million developers in over 120 countries, Xamarin has to be doing something right. It is the power behind leading apps such as Storyo, Just Giving and Olo. Read on to find out why you should consider Xamarin for your next development project and how to hire dedicated Xamarin app developers. 

What is Xamarin App Development? 

Xamarin is an open-source, cross-platform, Microsoft-owned app development company founded in 2011 by the engineers that created Mono. With native apps, developers need to create distinct apps for every operating system, which is time and resource consuming. By having the power to write all code in a single language, there are significant time and resource savings. Instead of using HTML and JavaScript like other cross-platform frameworks, Xamarin uses .NET and C# to produce iOS, Android and Windows apps using the same code. By using a C# shared codebase, developers can create apps that have native user interfaces yet share code across multiple platforms. 

Why Hire Xamarin Certified Developers?

If you’ve decided to use Xamarin to develop a cross-platform, native application, you need to ensure you have the right experience on your side. You could hire an experienced .NET/C# developer as they are the required languages, or you could consider hiring a certified developer. However, while .NET/C# developers will be able to get the job done, it will likely take longer and won’t necessarily be of the highest standard. The reason is that Xamarin, like any other platform, has a significant learning curve. 

To become Xamarin Certified Developers, developers have to take several interactive classes and then need to pass an exam. The study enables them to learn the finer details of the product and prepares them for issues and features that they may encounter during the development process. The contrast, for developers without the training, is that they will be less familiar with the territory in which they are developing.

Xamarin is an emerging technology, and while it uses well-known programming languages, there are still concepts within the Xamarin environment that require specific knowledge. By hiring a Xamarin Certified Developer, you can be sure that they are familiar with all the user interfaces, mobile APIs and graphics. What’s more, Xamarin Certified Developers have certain privileges such as unlimited access to new teaching aids to help them get a head start with new features. They also have full access to a support community, allowing them to collaborate, network and, ultimately, be more skilled in their craft. 

Who Can Be a Xamarin Certified Developer?

Xamarin University offers tutorials and learning on a variety of operating systems and languages, including Android, iOS and C#. The university offers a couple of levels of certification. The first is the Xamarin Certified Mobile Professional, which is the initial certification level for developers to demonstrate core competencies in the Xamarin development environment. On earning the first Xamarin badge, developers can then move forward to try to earn the higher-level Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer certification. The second level of certification involves taking multiple courses with Xamarin live instructors and passing an exam to demonstrate advanced expertise in cross-platform development with Xamarin. It includes advanced ideas such as deeper patterns, complex debugging and performance tuning. 

In theory, anyone can become a Xamarin Certified Developer, but it is ultimately a demonstration of their ability on the platform. Those who achieve certification are able to meet advanced challenges and have dedicated their time to gain an advanced skill set. 

How to Hire Dedicated Xamarin Developers?

If you’re looking to develop a Xamarin application, then you’ll want to hire dedicated Xamarin developers who are experienced, knowledgeable and able to meet your business needs. To achieve this, you’ll want a development team that has dedicated years to developing mobile apps. Moreover, you want a development team that is constantly evolving and striving to stay up to date with new tools and technologies. There are several things that you’ll want to bear in mind:

  • Expertise – the first thing you need to look for is a highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team of Xamarin developers who understand what Xamarin development can achieve and have the power to make your business grow on all platforms. 
  • Innovation – if you want to build incredible apps, you need to work with a company that is passionate about the work they do and excited to come up with new ideas and solutions at all times. 
  • Commitment – if you’re looking to develop a core technology for your company, you want a partner rather than a service provider. Look for a company that is committed to spanning the entire lifecycle of your Xamarin development project. 
  • Collaboration – you don’t want to leave everything up to the development company, instead you need to be involved. Look for a company that is customer-focused and that will work alongside you. 
  • Excellence – however good a Xamarin development team is, they can always learn more. Look for an agency that is dedicated to pursuing growth, educating themselves and being at the very top of their game. 

Will You Hire a Xamarin Developer For Your Next Project?

With the growth of business app development, there is a shift from native mobile app development to cross-platform apps, particularly for large enterprise applications that require apps to work seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices. Xamarin development can help your business realise benefits like faster development times and redacted costs due to the single shared codebase, along with unparalleled performance and user experience. Xamarin is more sophisticated than some of the alternatives for cross-platform development. However, it allows you to build apps of any complexity and can meet all your business needs. The trick, of course, is having the right team in place. Hire dedicated, experienced Xamarin app developers, and anything is possible. 

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