Welcome Quinn

XAM are extremely excited to welcome Quinn van Heerden to XAM, Quinn joins us with an extensive industry back-ground and we are thrilled to have Quinn join us as Delivery Director.

We ask Quinn what we can expect from him in the workplace:

“I consider myself to be thoughtful, measured and I value relationships. I like having a good laugh, but hate being late.

I’m super-excited about joining XAM. I’m looking forward to applying my years of experience in delivery across a wide array of clients and industries as we look to changes people’s lives for good.”

And what about outside of work, tell us who Quinn is behind the scenes:

“I’m fortunate to have a gorgeous wife and two lovely girls (3 & 5) – who fortunately take after their mother. 

I have a heart for adventure, and there’s no better way to do this then getting outdoors. My favourite activity is cross-country mountain biking and I have also been found plodding away on solo trail runs. 

I would really like to contribute more to the Open Source community. “

 Random facts;

 “I absolutely despise avocado, its a cult. 

I represented my home country (South Africa) internationally when I was 16…and have been searching for my six-pack ever since. 

I’ve touched a massive southern-right whale in the ocean…and then had nightmares for weeks thinking about how it could have killed me. 

I married my first girlfriend …. aaaah ? 

I recently completed reading all the Jack Ryan novels, in chronological order (its important)…that’s a 585 hour “investment”. 

My absolute favourite ‘business book’ is Drive, by Daniel Pink. Apologies in advance for constantly quoting this. “

We are very excited to have you join the team Quinn and we look forward to working with you.

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