From AI strategy & design to technical execution and into the cloud, our dedicated team of experts are committed to delivering innovative digital solutions.

AI Strategy & Consulting

Ready to leverage AI for real business impact, and ensure success?

XAM goes beyond just the technology. Our team works closely with you to identify the most impactful AI opportunities and craft a data-driven strategy tailored to your goals. We can ensure your AI has the infrastructure and data it needs to operate seamlessly, and rigorously test it to deliver accurate and reliable results.

With XAM, you can confidently embrace AI and achieve real business value.

  • Discovery, Research & Analysis
  • Strategic Guidance
  • AI Roadmaps & Planning
  • Proof of value

AI Engineering & Solutions

We integrate global AI innovations, advanced technology, cloud-scale data, and modern platforms into solutions that provide real results for organisations.

Our expert AI Engineers create custom copilots, perform integrations and modernisations, and offer tried and tested AI solutions tailored to your needs.

Powered by AI, XAM enables organisations to boost efficiency, enhance productivity, reduce costs, and achieve profitability in today’s digitised workplace.

  • AI Solutions
  • AI Architecture & Orchestration
  • AI Copilots/Agents Development
  • Fine-tuning & custom solutions

Web, Mobile & Software

Our technical experts adopt best practices for faster release cycles, improved code quality, and better collaboration. By leveraging our skills in programming languages and frameworks, we craft innovative and high-performing digital solutions, transforming your ideas into reality.

Agile-certified project managers and business analysts ensure a seamless development process from concept to support. Beyond implementation, we provide continuous support and training, guaranteeing optimal performance and sustained business value.

  • Enterprise Software Development
  • Enterprise Mobile Apps
  • DevOps and other modern practices
  • Software development consulting

Design & UX

Great design creates impact for customers and businesses alike. Our team of researchers, UX designers and creatives adopt a user-centric approach to develop innovative and effective products and solutions.

We validate assumptions and prototypes with real users, then we identify and implement improvements.

Our experience design process helps you create solutions that people love, drive business returns and increase value.

Data & Systems Integration

Unlock the power of your data and systems with our Data & Systems services. Achieve your business intelligence, data warehouse, advanced analytics, data governance, and machine learning goals with unmatched performance and security.

Beyond analysis, we seamlessly connect apps, data, and processes, bridging on-premise and cloud. Visualise streamlined workflows and new business models with exposed APIs. Let us empower your data journey with the Microsoft Azure.

  • Data Platform & Engineering Services
  • Systems Integration
  • Cloud Scale Analytics
  • Azure AI

Secure Cloud Solutions

Building secure, scalable cloud applications on Azure, our team offer deep code-level security and expertise in cloud-native solutions that ensure robust architectures for your critical workloads.

Leveraging cloud to unlock performance and agility via app modernisation all while maintaining enterprise level security. Our comprehensive security services, including risk assessments, implementation, and threat management, keep your data safe and compliant.

  • Cloud Native & Serverless solutions
  • Cloud & App modernisation
  • Governance & Compliance
  • Cloud Security Consulting


Our streamlined methodology focuses on delivering tangible results, cutting through the clutter and maximising efficiency.

Consistently, our clients affirm that we stand out as their top choice consulting firm. This acknowledgment is a testament to our genuine dedication to our work and our steadfast commitment to achieving tangible outcomes for our clients.


We’re privileged to have both worked with some of Australia’s top
performing companies, and with brand new startups.


Our flexible, proven process
puts you in control

  1. Proven process: We have a reliable process that really works. It has guided our clients through a successful product journey. We start by understanding your needs through a detailed discovery phase, then work closely to create and deliver your vision.
  2. Working agile: We’re skilled in Agile methods, which let us plan and check our work effectively. This supports development and keeps us in sync, making sure everything goes smoothly from planning to execution.
  3. Communication is key: We believe in open communication throughout each project. We team up with you, sharing ideas and solving issues together. We spot challenges and opportunities early on, allowing us to adjust our approach to ensure successful delivery.

Whether you want a quick injection of skill or need an instant product team, we’ve got you covered.

Not sure where to begin? Whether a brand new idea, or existing opportunity for innovation, we’ve got your back