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Xam is an experienced React app development

and React native consulting services company.

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Our expert team of developers provides React Native app development services and React native consulting services to a wide range of clients in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

We are flexible and reliable, and we have the right professional service for your individual needs.

Xam will help you transform your business using the dynamic features of React.

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Why engage Xam for React App Development?

The many benefits of hiring XAM for React app development services include:

  • Partnering with a skilful team of creative developers who
    build agile web apps using ReactJS
  • Our skill in creating high-performing, engaging interfaces with React is unrivalled
  • Our proven technical expertise is matched by experience
    working effectively in collaboration with customers.

As a React native development company, XAM’s React developers have the expertise you need to get the right results. You can hire dedicated React native developers for your next app project.

Xam’s React developers are skilled, creative and reliable.

“We engaged the Xam team for their Swift app development services and we could not be happier with their expertise, insight and the end result”




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As a React dev company, we make completing your React project easy

With a robust and flexible library, Xam’s React developers will build the best user interface for your needs.

Hire a React native developer short term or long term. Or, Xam can partner with you for end-to-end services or co-delivery on site.

We build the best apps using React and we also develop apps for Android and iOs mobile devices using React Native. 

The team from Xam deliver on time and on budget.

Our results continue to position XAM Consulting as Australia’s first choice when it comes to React App Developers.


Why Build Apps with React?

React is well suited to the development of user interfaces that require agility and speed. The technology offers many key benefits:

  • Dynamic and responsive
  • SEO-friendly
  • Increased level of performance
  • Attractive interface design
  • Straightforward migration, debugging and testing
  • Powerful when combined with third-party

Why should you choose React?

React.js was developed by Facebook in 2011 as a front-end JavaScript library. While it continues to be maintained by Facebook and Instagram, it also has an open-source community. A large number of websites are now powered by React. With around 8 million weekly downloads, React Core is considered to be the most popular JavaScript library available today. 

React assists developers when building complex, responsive user interfaces. Web applications built with React offer many benefits, including the ability to change data without reloading the page. 

Xam’s React Native developers also build engaging mobile applications for both iOs and Android, using JavaScript. 

Need help designing an app or with project management?

XAM transforms the way that organisations operate and succeed through:

  • Mobile and digital strategy
  • Vision Design (UX/UI)
  • Digital Transformation
  • DevOps, Automation and Intelligence
  • App Modernisation and Integration
  • Software Development and Architecture
  • Power Apps/Power Platform
  • Staff Augmentation
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