Elevating 60 Seconds into a New Era of Innovation.​

60 Seconds a leading digital communication platform- aimed to extend its reach to tier one global companies. Recognising the need for expertise in IT and product development 60 Seconds partnered with XAM to orchestrate this transformation.

The joint goal was to infuse innovation optimise functionality and elevate the user experience. Leveraging our technical proficiency the collaboration sought to refine features amplify performance and cement the platform’s competitive edge.


We embarked on a comprehensive enhancement journey spanning across the backend, frontend web and Native Mobile App (Xamarin) of 60 Seconds.

Through meticulous redesigns and targeted code upgrades Xam achieved substantial enhancements in user experience and the app’s overall aesthetics. The incorporation of complex features such as Analytics, Multi-language support and advanced video processing was seamlessly executed thanks to our full-stack expertise.

The project hinged on technologies like Xamarin, which produced modern and performant iOS and Android apps using C# and .NET. Leveraging HTML5- .NET Core- and AWS Amazon Web Services further fortified the platform’s scalability and innovation.

Our execution was characterised by a precise and methodical approach and a firm grasp of cutting-edge technologies.

The final product is excellent and the process
of working with the team was very professional
and energizing“



Our dedicated efforts yielded a robust and dependable 60 Seconds platform. The revamped app resonated positively with enterprise sales managers and teams offering a seamless and engaging experience. This successful transformation enabled the global launch of the competitive new app for enterprise sales teams resulting in a successful and lasting partnership between Xam and 60 Seconds.

  • Platform stability amplified
  • User engagement escalated
  • Seamless global deployment
  • Long-standing partnership established
  • Holistic UX/UI redesign achieved
  • Complex feature integration seamlessly executed
  • Enterprise sales teams empowered

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