AI Strategy & Consulting.

Artificial intelligence is your competitive edge.

The future is undeniably powered by AI.

We provide you with the full suite of tools required to adopt, harness and thrive with AI. From strategy design to prompt engineering, we’ve helped our clients achieve optimum productivity, cost efficiencies and identify new routes to market.

AI could
contribute as much as
$115 billion a year to
Australia’s economy by

We can help you
capitalise on this.

Your competitors are already leveraging AI


of firms are aggressively investing in AI across a wide variety of products & workflows.


of firms are engaged in implementation of Artificial Intelligence.


of firms are currently in exploration phases for AI projects.


We go beyond the hype. We partner with you to plan, validate, and implement practical AI solutions that deliver a clear return on investment.

Our team of specialists brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success. We’ll guide you through every step, from identifying the perfect AI solutions to developing a winning strategy and ensuring seamless implementation. Our comprehensive approach includes: 

Discovery &

Our AI experts work collaboratively with you to identify the specific areas where AI can have the most significant impact on your business. Through workshops and iterative exploration, we’ll refine your AI vision and ensure it aligns perfectly with your overall business goals. 

Proof of Value

We don’t just talk about potential – we prove it. We develop a focused Proof of Value (PoV) project to demonstrate the tangible benefits of your proposed AI solution. This includes comprehensive validation reporting, so you can make informed decisions with confidence.

AI Solutions and Engineering

Our team of skilled consultants will design and build AI solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require a powerful AI assistant (co-pilot) or a dedicated AI agent, we’ll ensure it seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows and empowers your team.


You don’t have to navigate your AI journey in isolation. We provide the full suite of capabilities required to adopt AI

Our unique approach, first focuses on the business outcomes and human engagement, along with delivering a solution to iteratively learn and improve upon.

Our Horizon Discovery approach incorporated business, technology and Subject Matter Expert insights to drive the strategy.

Case Study

Hub Australia: AI Discovery and Strategic Roadmap

“3-year AI roadmap delivered in just 3 weeks… with all the success metrics needed to get a pilot moving within a month.”

Not sure where to begin? Whether a brand new idea, or existing opportunity for innovation, we’ve got your back