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Our .NET developers and consultants help Australia’s top enterprises create award-winning applications. CIOs, CTOs and in-house teams partner with our .NET developers and consultants to build solutions that add value and boost profits.


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We are fast, flexible and reliable, and we offer the best professional service for your needs.

Xam’s team of experienced and insightful developers work in partnership with you to build capabilities, transform and future-proof business operations using .NET.

Xam’s .NET Consultants have the insight and knowledge you need to get the right results.

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.NET Core/5/6

.NET is a core capability for XAM Consulting, the engineers in our teams have been doing it for decades. We always stay up with what’s happening in the .NET world and love to help our customers do more. We only hire the best when it comes to our developers, we have strict screening process to ensure this.

.NET API Development/Consulting

Our team are skilled in .NET API Development, helping you build modern APIs that are loved by other developers.

.NET Microservice Development/Consulting

We can help with .NET Microservices. Microservices are small, modular, and independently deployable services.

.NET Upgrade/Migrations

Do you need to update to the latest version of .NET, .NET Framework to .NET Core, .NET Core to .NET 5/6? We’ve done this many times before and can help you upgrade.

.NET Systems Integration

.NET is a perfect programming language for complex system integrations. We can help with your .net system integration needs.


.NET MAUI is the successor to Xamarin.Forms, we have leading case studies and largest .NET MAUI/Xamarin team in the APAC.

.NET Blazor

We have commercial experience in .NET Blazor and can help you on your Blazor journey.

.NET on Azure

We know Azure, we can build cloud-native/Azure native .NET Solutions.


We have commercial experience in deploying .NET on AWS. Let us know if you want some help.

DevOps and DevSecOps

At our core Xam are software engineers and we have extensive understanding of DevOps. We can design, build, integrate and maintain your DevOps and DevSecOps pipelines.

Custom Software and Cloud Software Development

We are not your ordinary software developers or IT Admins, we are elite enterprise engineers who build cloud native.

We build leading-edge architectures that supports fast reactions to new business conditions. Our team follows modern best practices; such as code reviews, writing clean code and unit testing. We commit code changes regularly, triggering automated builds and testing.

We work externally or alongside your team and help you build applications in independent parts with a continuous integration and deployment pipeline (DevOps). This gives you greater flexibility and reduces your time to market.

Design-Led Solutions

Uncovering the right problems to solve is at the heart of great UX and UI design.

So, before writing any code, we’ll help you to implement cutting-edge discovery tools and methodologies to easily identify your end users’ true problems and desires.

Following that, our designers will combine this in-depth understanding of your app’s end goal with the latest technologies and thought leadership in UX and UI design to create a Azure Application that looks beautiful and is intuitive to use.

Let us help you design intuitive apps around core product functionality that lead to powerful user experiences that propel your organisation forward.

Whether you require 1 or 20 skilled developers to jump on board, either as temporary support or a longer-term solution, our developers have the niche skills and deep expertise to augment your existing team and scale your delivery capacity – quickly.

Do you need to complete a .NET development project fast but lack the time or in-house expertise to deliver it? Have impending deadlines piled up? Does your current applications demand some TLC? Then we have the solution to get you back in control.

We can help you harness the power of cloud
technology to improve your potential

Hit Your Goals Faster

Accelerate your project with our unique IP and .NET Accelerators.

Ultra-Modern UX & UI

Design intuitive experiences and beautiful interfaces that people will love to use.

Scale as needed

Partner with us and scale your team up or down exactly when you need it, no strings attached.

Enterprise-grad security and compliance

Focus on your project and let us handle all security aspects and compliance requirements

Trusted .NET Specialists

Get leading-edge technical expertise and leadership from Australia’s most talented .NET team.

Guarantee Success

We take the time to research and understand your project so the solution we build is guaranteed to meet your user’s needs.

.NET has evolved and become a mature technology over the years. It’s a cross-platform, open source developer platform providing a rich set of tools, libraries and APIs for developing different types of applications and solutions for Web, Mobile, Cloud, Desktop, IOT, Machine Learning, AI and much more.

  • .NET 6, allows developers to create cross-platform applications that run on Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Using .NET, developers can develop applications in the programming language of their choice (ex: C#, F#, Visual Basic, C++, Python, JavaScript)
  • .NET now provides a consistent set of libraries and APIs via .NET Standard, which is common to all .NET Frameworks. Microsoft gives a rich application development experience with their code editors like Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.
  • With .NET developers can develop scalable, flexible, testable and secure applications.

We Make Completing Your Project Seamless

As the largest collective of .NET experts in Australia, our world class developers at Xam Consulting work using best practice and modern methodologies. We can help you deliver software projects better and faster, making it more cost effective, saving you time and money.

We Deliver At A Pace Others Can’t Compete With.

At Xam we are different than the others with fast deliveries, high coding standards, fast onboarding processes and flexible service.


Not sure where to begin? Whether a brand new idea, or existing opportunity for innovation, we’ve got your back