How Much Does Enterprise App Development Cost?

Enterprise applications are critical to businesses. They deliver real-time control, simplify complex operations and maximise resources. However, they also need to be secure, scalable and easily integrated across the business and beyond. And this makes them extremely complex.

If you’re considering creating a new enterprise app or replacing an existing one, one of the key questions on your mind will likely be how much will it cost. The answer isn’t necessarily a simple one, as every business, project and app is different. However, there are many factors that you can bear in mind that may impact the cost. And, by understanding what makes up the cost of enterprise app development, you can make sure you get the best possible return on your investment. 

What Are Enterprise Level Applications?

Enterprise applications are complex, and often mission-critical, software systems that operate in corporate environments. Applications can include things such as business intelligence, office productivity, resource planning and software as a service. They offer businesses several advantages:

  • Collaboration – improved data sharing and interoperability between departments.
  • Management – better data control and analysis over business processes. 
  • Workflow – data is accessible in real-time and workflows can be automated.
  • Efficiency – work more quickly, maximise resources and minimise errors. 
  • Automation – day-to-day operations and backend workloads can be simplified.
  • Costs – operating costs are reduced without compromising on efficiency. 

It is the core features and characteristics of these enterprise-level applications that separate them from consumer applications. Firstly, they are built for speed and scale but also need to manage huge volumes of data. This data needs to be reliably audited and suitable to meet compliance regulations. On top of that, enterprise-level applications need deeper levels of reliability than consumer applications. Far-reaching end-to-end encryption is required that has undergone rigorous quality assurance. Enterprise applications need stability, security and agility and need to deliver predictable, reliable and repeatable processes. If you are considering developing an enterprise-level application, you’ll want to have the confidence that it can seamlessly run the most critical parts of your business alongside the other systems you have in place. 

Estimating the Cost of Enterprise Web App Development

There isn’t a way to easily estimate the cost of enterprise web app development. However, you can most certainly get an understanding of what it might cost by considering the overall complexity and makeup of your app:

  • Team – consider who you’ll need on board to develop an app. You will most certainly need a diverse set of skills, including project managers, UX and UI designers, and developers. If you need external support, you’ll most likely need to buy experience, which means a specialised skillset in Android and iOS app development. 
  • Process – consider how many phases are involved in the app development process. You’ll need to define your product strategy, the user journey and the visual user interface. You’ll also need to create code governance and go through quality assurance and testing phases before you can launch your application. 
  • Complexity – a lot of cost is driven by the app’s feature requirements. Firstly, whether the app will be built for iOS, Android or both will make a difference. Authentication and account management will be required for internal business applications. You also might need the ability to send notifications, and connect with other business systems and data sources through API connections.

Hiring an Enterprise Android App Development Company 

There are actually two things to look for if you are searching for an enterprise android app development company. One is an android development company; the other is a company that can build enterprise-level applications. It’s vital that both of these factors are considered in equal measure to ensure you have a development company with the right expertise for the job. 

When it comes to finding a great Android app development company, you may come across many firms that can adequately deliver. Of course, you’ll want to verify their credibility, analyse previous work and carry out several discussions before committing to work. However, when it comes to looking for an enterprise app development company, your search may be a little harder. The vast majority of app development companies focus on making consumer-facing apps. Enterprise apps require different thinking. You need an app development company that will apply best practices in user experience design and facilitate user testing. You aren’t just looking for aesthetically pleasing apps, but ones that deliver exceptional user experiences.

When looking to hire an enterprise android app development company, you need to define your business needs and goals, including specific business challenges that need solving. Consider what growth and changes you’re expecting, the size and culture of your organisation and how internal policies, organisational hierarchy and communication flows will interact with a new enterprise-level application. The company you hire should analyse and understand all aspects of your business and be invested in helping you achieve your goals as efficiently as possible. Moreover, any solution you build needs to be able to easily scale and be future proof. Technical expertise and experience in building enterprise-level applications within your industry are key. There are many benefits to be gained by developing enterprise applications but they can only be realised with the right set of skills and experience on board.

Can Your Business Afford to Develop an Enterprise Application?

If you’re considering whether your business can afford to develop an enterprise application, you need to compare the development costs against the benefits and the costs of doing nothing. As we’ve discussed, enterprise-level applications can offer businesses some serious advantages. However, to realise the organisational gains, you need to ensure you have the right team on board. By understanding what makes up the cost of app development and investing in the right app development company, you can build a robust, scalable and agile solution that can grow alongside your business. 

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