Welcome Gautham

Gautham is an Agile Business Analyst with over more than 13 years of experience in the industry. During his 13 years, Gautham has worked in various organisations, across 3 continents, ranging from top global IT consulting firms to big finance corporations to small start-ups, helping them deliver products by breaking down the business requirements into manageable deliverables.

Gautham gets a real kick in converting brilliant yet fussy ideas into clear concise deliverables, to see it come to fruition and make actual change in the status quo. As a Business Analyst, he gets to live through this entire journey and that is the biggest reason for him to work as a BA in this industry.

From delivering software solutions to independent insurance agents in America, delivering product customisations to a client in Sweden, and delivering a CRM solution to a call centre in Australia. I have been part of some awesome teams delivering awesome solutions. 

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