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After months of planning, we are excited to announce the launch of our new website and blog! We will share here our thoughts on the trends that will shape the mobile development industry and news about application development in Xamarin (including technical tutorials for the developers out there). We will also write about entrepreneurship and technology, so don’t forget to subscribe if you want to stay up to date. In this blog post, you will get to know about the creation of XAM Consulting and more about our team. Ready? Let’s go back in time!

The creation of XAM Consulting

 The foundation of XAM Consulting started over two decades ago. Michael had a dream to run his own technology company that could help other companies be successful. As with all great companies,  it’s not been an overnight success but a slow burn to where we are now. The bread and butter of XAM Consulting began in 2011 when Michael was first tasked with building an enterprise level mobile application. As with many companies around that time Michael first went down the path of PhoneGap (HTML5/Javascript), as others also discovered this path was less than ideal the app was slow and clunky. The failure of HTML5 on mobile was known throughout the industry, most notably with Mark Zuckerberg claiming Facebook’s biggest mistake on mobile was using HTML5. Three months later and Michael’s PhoneGap app went in the bin. Searching around for new solutions Michael came onto a company called Xamarin. This company claimed that you could use C# to build native mobile applications for iOS and Android.At first Michael didn’t believe this (it’s vaporware!). Eventually he tested out this technology and 2 days later he was on his way to building a native application. The app was fast, smooth and used native UI elements. Since then Michael and his team knew that Xamarin was a solid technology, so they continually invested in mastering Xamarin, even though it was still a startup. One of the pinnacle moments in this history is when Microsoft acquired Xamarin. It was outstanding to see that a solid technology was ‘acknowledged’ in such a huge way! XAM Consulting still keeps its foundation as one of the leading Xamarin Consulting companies around the world.Over the years XAM also evolved., We’ve grown our team, improved our QA, delivered apps that scale to million of users and provided consultancy and training for big enterprises across Australia, USA and the UK.  We also expanded our services into UXD, Visual Design and Web Development.

Who we are now!

XAM is a team of highly skilled digital product creators, which means we design and develop apps people love. We’re a result-focused company that goes above and beyond for clients and takes the time to understand their business/customers. Our core services are:

  • Full-Lifecycle Software Development – Start with an idea and end with a product. We will help you refine your project according to what you want to achieve. This service includes all pillars that go into great product development including UX Design, Visual Design, Application Development, Quality Assurance, Delivery and Maintenance. As we are an agile team, our customers have the possibility to give constant feedback until the release stage.

  • Xamarin Development/Consulting/Training – We are truly passionate about Xamarin and that’s because it provides a true native user experience for cross-platform apps. Besides building the best Xamarin apps in the market, we also provide consultancy and training in Xamarin. So if you want to ramp up your skills, get in touch!

  • Digital Product Design / UX / Visual Design – There is nothing like a good design to attract users and keep them loyal. At XAM we are specialists in delivering solutions with the best user experience. Our first step always is to build a product strategy that considers your goals and takes your customer journey to another level.

  • Cloud and Web development – Our team are veterans of software engineering and we also build modern cloud systems using PAAS and serverless architectures. We love technologies like Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services), AngularJS / React / HTML5, ASP.NET CORE and ChatBots.

As we aim to be a world-class company, we’re continually investing in training and upskilling. Our latest learnings and insights will be shared here in the blog from next week on. Let’s keep the conversation going! Get in touch to suggest articles or get to know more about us!

If you’re interested in developing a successful App then get in touch, we’d love to chat.