10 Reasons to Choose React Native Developers for Your Mobile App

React Native is a popular development framework used for cross-platform mobile application development. In fact, it has been used by world-famous companies, including Skype, Instagram, Airbnb and Tesla, to create their mobile applications. The reason for its success: it helps businesses save time, money and resources. If that doesn’t have you convinced, there are several other reasons why React Native is known as one of the world’s top technologies. Read on for ten reasons why React Native is such a formidable business tool for building mobile applications. 

1. Faster Development Time

As React Native uses the same code for iOS and Android platforms, the development cycle is shortened significantly. What’s more, the team involved can be scaled to meet project demands. With React Native, you can literally cut development efforts in half without sacrificing on quality or productivity. What this means is not only is development faster, but it costs less. That means more benefits for less effort, which is a plus point for any business owner. 

2. Multiple Platforms at Once

The beauty of cross-platform development is that you can develop for multiple platforms at once, iOS and Android being the most common. React Native was created by Meta, formerly Facebook, and while it was initially aimed at iOS, Android support followed shortly after. The framework delivers the advantages of native mobile app development with the agility and power of React’s unique framework to help give your application the edge it needs.  

3. Powerful Libraries

React Native uses the base ReactJS UI library. The library was developed for user interfaces and apps and is extremely solid; It transfers virtual DOM, improved app performance and simple programming processes from React JS to be used in mobile application development. What’s more, React Native delivers the hot reload feature, which isn’t found on native frameworks and enables you to view code changes instantaneously. There are also multiple component libraries available filled with valuable design elements that can be used in your React development project. 

4. Strong Support

React Native is supported by Meta, the multinational technology conglomerate, which means it is constantly being updated and improved. What’s more, there is a huge community of developers always on hand, hundreds of thousands in fact. That means if you or your developers encounter any problems during your mobile app development project, there will be people ready with quick fixes, advanced skills and tools that can help. The technology is massively empowered by the huge amount of support it receives. 

5. Single Development Language

With React Native, there is no need for developers to be proficient in Java, Swift or Objective-C as they’d need to be for native Android or iOS development. Instead, a Javascript developer with expertise in native UI elements, design patterns and APIs is perfectly placed to deliver a high-quality mobile application. That means that it’s easier to hire skilled developers and that they are able to achieve more. 

6. UI-Focused

React Native is heavily focused on building user interfaces, which makes it more like a JavaScript library than a framework. JavaScript interacts asynchronously with the native environment to make the UI feel fluid and highly responsive. 

8. Compatible Framework

React Native is open-source, available to the whole community of developers and compatible with other platforms. This means if you need to develop a feature which isn’t supported by React Native libraries, you can write a native module and easily link it to your React Native codebase. In addition, it’s possible to link third-party plugins with a native module via the framework. 

9. Native Performance 

React Native is built upon reusable native components that compile to native platforms. The result is that React Native apps perform as well as native apps with all the relevant functionality, look and speed. In addition, React Native is built on an architecture designed specifically for mobile; it uses the graphics processing unit instead of the more central processing unit used in native development, which enables apps to be built extremely quickly and to be incredibly agile. 

10. Longevity

React Native is one of the most in-demand frameworks for building mobile applications and has already been widely adopted by developers. What’s more, it’s supported by one of the world’s leading technology companies. Not only are neither of these groups going to waste their time and effort on a technology that’s going to disappear in a couple of years, but their support will help it go from strength to strength. With further investments of time and money, there are no limits to the possibilities of what React Native could achieve in the future.  

Is React Naive the Right Choice for Your Mobile App? 

With React Native, you can easily transform any web project into a mobile application. React Native code is reusable, only one update is needed for multiple platforms and bug fixing is a lot simpler. What’s more, it’s modular and intuitive; additional developers can easily get involved, which increases your team’s flexibility immensely. Developers choose React Native because it’s open-source, reusable, UI-focused, cross-platform and cost-effective, to name but a few. If you’d like to save time, become more agile and create a beautiful, high-functioning mobile application, it may well be the framework for you. 

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